3 Ways to Get More from Your Job Orders

One thing we cannot change is the amount of time we have in a day.  During my 7+ years in working with staffing organizations, one of the most prevalent qualities I’ve seen in successful organizations is their ability to get more out of each day by being more efficient in their operations.  Most recently, I’ve seen more and more staffing organizations taking advantage of job portals, job boards and social media to promote their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Getting a Job Order is just the first part of the battle.  From there, most staffing firms would make more placements if their recruiters were taking advantage of all the ways they can promote their Job Orders for free, including:

  • Posting open Job Orders to a company website or job portal
  • Syndicating them on wide-reaching job boards like SimplyHired
  • Sharing Job Orders on social media

Unfortunately, a lack of time can stand in the way.  All too often, high-growth staffing firms haven’t had time to set up their own job board, or they created one, but their recruiters don’t use it consistently.  These are exactly the kinds of staffing firms who are missing out most, as they could easily promote their Job Orders for free, if only they had a tool that would help them get there.

Have you thought about how your organization could benefit from an efficient mechanism to automatically post Job Orders to a company website?  What if your recruiters could easily create online postings that they could post and repost across their own social networks to find more candidates?  What if you could provide visitors from SimplyHired with an application process so simple that they wouldn’t need to call, email, or register for an account?  How many more placements could your company make?

Time and time again, recruiting firms face the problem of promoting Job Orders online, particularly when it comes to growing firms who have yet to implement a company-wide process of posting jobs to a company website, social media, and websites like SimplyHired.  Think about how you could build all three of these steps into your company process if you haven’t already, and how this would improve your bottom line.

Time is the perfect constant.  Although time moves at a consistent pace, it doesn’t feel that way within staffing organizations.  Does your company let time fly by?  Or do you think you can make more placements once Job Orders come in?   We think you can.  One solution I recommend to recruiting directors to help them automate these three steps is Bullhorn Reach Team. Get in touch to learn more!

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