All We Have to do is Listen

The crisp sunshine of Las Vegas and the mild daytime temperatures make me wonder why I live in Boston. My wife is dealing with ice dams while I take a break between sessions to soak up the desert sun. The change in scenery has me in a different state of mind; I can take a longer view of Bullhorn, where it’s been and where it’s going. We’ve come a long a way in a short time. We’ve learned a lot through trials and errors. But here at Bullhorn Live and now in our 10th year, I am confident that Bullhorn is the best-of-breed staffing software out there.

Watching folks line up at the Bullhorn cyber-cafe to check email and do business (did Sally make that placement?, easy enough to find out) on the web makes me smile as the promise made 10 years ago of a pure web native staffing application bears fruit. These folks haven’t lost a step even though they’re using a different computer many miles from their offices. But it’s not enough. We can’t rest on the success that brings us to Las Vegas this week. We still have a lot of work to do. VMS integration, telephony and sms integration, better groupware (check out that new calendar!), faster and more reliable service…these things are my new obsessions. Judging by the response here at the show, we’ve made the right choices. Our customers know what they need from Bullhorn to grow their business. All we have to do is listen.

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