The ATS – Identifying What Machines Do Well

In today’s age of technology many of us have become dependent on software to help us get our job done and forget about the human element. So many recruiters have become dependent on their applicant tracking system to create a match and move on to the next opportunity and forget about the human contact along the way. It’s time to take a look at how we are moving out of the technology age and into the human age. We need to remember how our job actually changes someone’s life and what impact we actually have on them and their future.

Technology is useless without people

Your ATS helps you perform a very human activity; connect with people. Let’s not forget this. It’s great at storing candidate and client information allowing everything to be searchable and follow someone through their final stage in the process. It can be trusted to have all of the information you need about the relationship but it’s a human’s job to create that relationship.

Humans versus machines (the ATS)

Recruiters are in their profession for a many reasons but one of them is because they are good at building relationships. Not everyone has that intuition and not everyone is good at making conversation and understanding where other people are coming from. Your ATS can’t form a relationship but it can give you a better reach. It can help you be better at relationships by tracking conversations, reminding you to follow up even remind you of someone’s birthday. Your ATS can’t reach out and influence a candidate or client. People write stories, an ATS store them.

Without the right people you won’t be successful

The key to your success is your reputation. It doesn’t matter if you have the best ATS on planet earth, without competent driven people your ATS is useless. However without the right technology, even your best people won’t be able to compete for the best talent. Your ATS is your memory in the process not a human replacement.

Keep the relationship in mind during your next hire or sales call. They could be your next client or referral. People always remember how you made them feel in the process.

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