The Bullhorn Marketplace: Choice, Confidence, and Customisation


We’ve spent a lot of time talking to recruitment industry professionals (and Bullhorn customers) to learn from the front-line what it takes to run a successful staffing or recruitment business. You’ve told us about your business goals: finding great candidates, ensuring user activity is tracked in the same place, establishing a rapport with your customers and talent at scale, and much more. We’ve also learned about the obstacles businesses face on the way to reaching these goals: wasted time on repetitive tasks, difficulty encouraging adoption of new technology, and inefficient candidate onboarding processes. 

The Bullhorn Marketplace is here to help you take on those challenges with gusto! Over the years, Bullhorn has built an ecosystem of 100+ pre-integrated partners to help recruitment agencies innovate and differentiate from the competition. With the Bullhorn Marketplace, our customers can choose from a wide array of recruitment technologies, feel confident in validated integrations, and ultimately create a customised solution. Here’s how:


Choose the solutions that make sense for you

Your ability to innovate is bound by the tools at your disposal. With access to 100+ pre-integrated partners, the barriers are virtually non-existent. With the right tools, you can move faster because the legwork is already done for you. Bullhorn’s Alliances team vets over 30 new technologies each month to find the best partners and solutions. Leverage these solutions to choose the technologies that best fit your unique business needs. 

Work with confidence

Work faster and with less risk. Validated Marketplace partners offer solutions that have seen success in the market and are used and proven by multiple Bullhorn customers. A partner’s integrated service has passed a comprehensive technical review by the Bullhorn engineering team. Leveraging established partner integrations, customers can be confident that the integrations will work within their unique Bullhorn workflows, and will be supported long term by Bullhorn resources. A pre-integrated, well-vetted partner solution gives you the confidence you need to ramp-up quickly and effectively.

Customise your solutions 

What’s your secret sauce to success? Chances are that it’s different than what your competitors are doing.  Be you. Every recruitment agency is unique: the segments you serve, the type of candidates you recruit, the types of roles you fill, and the culture you have created within your organisation.  Adding partners to your tech stack enables you to create a system that truly reflects the differentiation of your business model. 

Would you like to invest in an extensible solution that will allow you to conquer these obstacles? Check out our new Bullhorn Marketplace site and learn more about the Bullhorn Marketplace today!

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