Bullhorn’s New Web Services APIs

Recently, we released a major upgrade to our platform APIs. If you’re not a technical person, this may not sound very interesting, but read on. I think you’ll see that Bullhorn’s APIs will have a big benefit for all of our customers and users. For the non-technical, all you need to know is that APIs give developers powerful ways to extend our application with add-ons or products that expand the capabilities of Bullhorn. While we’ve long provided ways to load data into and pull data out of Bullhorn, we knew there was a lot more we could be enabling for our customers. With the new Bullhorn web service APIs, we’ve dramatically expanded the types of data that developers can access programmatically, and we’ve released a new event system that allows you to create real-time links between events that occur in Bullhorn (e.g., the creation of a placement) and business processes that are managed by other systems (e.g., billing). These capabilities have the potential to open up new possibilities for both tecchies and non-tecchies alike. If you’re looking for more technical information about our APIs, just search for “Integration APIs” in the Resource Center to find a link to the documentation. Now, for some non-technical language. We’ve been working with a number of customers during the early release period to ensure the APIs provide the functionality they need. Here are some of the things that customers have been doing with the new APIs:

  • Integrating Bullhorn data into applications on their corporate intranet
  • Automating the flow of transactions between PeopleSoft and Bullhorn
  • Feeding real-time transaction data into a corporate data warehouse
  • Building a custom user interface for the Timecards module

I’m sure many of you are already thinking of additional ways you could use the APIs inside your company. We also have several partners working on integrating their products with Bullhorn. I have to keep these under wraps for the moment, but as we expand the partner capabilities of our platform, you can expect to see a whole universe of complimentary offerings that will allow you to spend more time talking to clients and candidates and, of course, making placements. We’re very excited about this new step in Bullhorn’s development as a recruiting platform. As always, the development team is excited to learn about what you’re trying to accomplish. If you think there are ways we could improve this feature, let us know, or if you just want to show off what you’ve done, that’s always welcome too.

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