Connecting Global Markets with Connexys: Bullhorn’s First European Acquisition


Today, Bullhorn International acquired Connexys, the makers of an applicant tracking system (ATS) built on Salesforce’s platform, as well as several other solutions. This acquisition is incredible news for our customers in mainland Europe, and exciting for both teams. It marks the first international acquisition that we’ve ever made, and the first that involves a solution built on a different platform.

So why did we do it? Easy – to meet growing customer need. At Bullhorn, our goal is to serve recruitment customers globally, and one of our key focus areas this year is mainland Europe. Acquiring Connexys enables Bullhorn to serve more customers and grow and expand in mainland Europe much more quickly than we would be able to on our own.  Connexys has invested in and built a great product and channel in the Salesforce ecosystem serving customers throughout mainland Europe.  We’re excited to bring our recruitment expertise, global resources, and commitment to an incredible customer experience to those customers in Europe.  

We’ve known Connexys for years, and we’re excited that they are joining forces with us.  Connexys is the largest and fastest-growing recruitment software player in mainland Europe, and one of the largest Salesforce ISVs in Northern Europe. It has an incredible reputation in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, and most importantly, it has a recruitment solution that customers across the region love. Connexys has always been committed, like Bullhorn, to delivering innovative, sophisticated, and scalable solutions to its customers. It’s a perfect fit for us.

There’s another factor, and one that we can’t quantify: values. Bullhorn’s mission is to deliver an incredible customer experience, and this mission drives everything that we do, from product enhancement to roadmap to service delivery, sales, and marketing. We believe in doing right by our customers, and making sure they’re happy with all aspects of their Bullhorn experience. Connexys has a very similar outlook. They abide by a mantra called the “CO” of Connexys – it stands for CO-creation with customers and CO-operation between employees, and how the Connexys team works collaboratively with customers during projects and implementations. We’re on the same cultural page, committed to helping our customers grow their businesses.

And one more thing. Some of our existing customers might be wondering what this acquisition means for the Bullhorn platform, which we’ve spent the past 18 years working to perfect. We are not slowing down our investment in the Bullhorn platform, making good on the promise to deliver deep staffing capabilities that our customers around the world have come to expect.  And Connexys customers – I assure you, we will continue to not only support but also invest in the products you’ve come to love. You’re our customers, and I promise that we will take great care of you.  With our combined companies, we’re going to have even more resources to invest in and grow our solutions to deliver an incredible customer experience around the world.

This is truly a game-changer for our customers, and for Bullhorn as a global business, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re interested, you can also view our press release and FAQs.

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