Bullhorn Acquires Connexys

FAQ for Bullhorn Customers

What is happening?

  • Bullhorn International is acquiring Connexys, a leading European ATS solution built on the Salesforce platform, to provide more localized, region-appropriate customer support and service in mainland Europe and to accelerate Bullhorn’s growth there. Connexys’s core product is an ATS for staffing and corporate recruitment workflows. Their customer data is stored in Europe.
  • Connexys’s founders will stay on as part of Bullhorn’s mainland Europe leadership team and will assist with the integration of Connexys’s business into Bullhorn’s operations. The organization will be directly integrated by function into Bullhorn’s corresponding function.  
  • Terms of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

Why is Bullhorn acquiring Connexys?

  • Bullhorn’s overall growth strategy is to continue developing new international markets, solutions for new segments (e.g. healthcare), and to provide additional growth opportunities for enterprise recruitment agencies. This acquisition allows us to accelerate our international growth strategy and start delivering value for customers in mainland Europe - and global customers with mainland Europe operations - as quickly as possible.
  • Accelerating into mainland Europe is important because many companies are in a SaaS buying cycle today so we want to be in the market now serving those customers. Further, Salesforce has been building market share in Europe for more than ten years, and many recruitment agencies there have already invested in the Salesforce platform; the acquisition of Connexys allows Bullhorn to immediately capitalize on that investment and their own investment as we expand into new mainland Europe markets.
  • Connexys is the largest and fastest-growing staffing software player in mainland Europe and one of Salesforce's largest ISVs in northern Europe. It is very well known in the Netherlands and Germany. Connexys has invested in and built a great product and channel in the Salesforce ecosystem serving customers throughout mainland Europe. Most importantly, Connexys has the strongest solution of any of Bullhorn’s competitors in the region and and has always been committed to delivering innovative, sophisticated, scalable solutions to its customers.
  • Connexys’s mainland Europe expertise and understanding makes the company an ideal complement to Bullhorn International.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the Connexys team is committed to delivering an incredible experience to their customers and values highly tight collaboration across their teams. There’s a great culture fit between the two companies, and we’ll be successful together helping our existing and new customers grow their businesses.

How does the acquisition benefit Bullhorn customers?

This acquisition benefits Bullhorn customers in several ways:


  • For Bullhorn customers on the Bullhorn platform, this acquisition will further bolster Bullhorn’s financial strength, allowing the company to invest more in product development and services than almost all of its competitors combined. Longer term, this acquisition will enable Bullhorn to explore opportunities for a tighter integration with the Force.com ecosystem - marketing automation, AI, etc.
  • Bullhorn enterprise and midmarket customers who have an existing European investment in Connexys or the Force.com platform can immediately benefit Bullhorn’s investment in both platforms - leveraging the channel Connexys has built within the Salesforce ecosystem serving customers throughout mainland Europe, and continuing to capitalize on Bullhorn’s flagship platform and deep recruitment expertise.

Bullhorn has a platform already. What are the implications of investing in the Force.com platform?

  • Bullhorn will continue aggressively investing in and advancing its core platform and expanding its competitive advantages over the other platforms available on the market. Bullhorn’s existing R&D investment and roadmap are unchanged as a result of the Connexys acquisition.
  • Bullhorn’s platform is equally matched with Force.com as far as platform architecture sophistication and security (see Forrester Wave for Midsize CRM, 2016 - both scored a 4.8 out of 5, beating all other vendors). Offering an ATS solution that is built on Force.com is an acknowledgement of buyer demand and existing comfort with Salesforce in mainland Europe. Through this acquisition, we are offering prospects and customers who have already invested in the Salesforce platform a high-quality ATS option in Connexys.
  • Salesforce.com has a strong market presence and vibrant ecosystem already in place in mainland Europe. By acquiring Connexys, we’ll be able to leverage that ecosystem in channel-centric regions, like Germany, France and other European countries, requiring less investment than if we were to try to expand organically in the region. Connexys already has a number of successful channel relationships across mainland Europe. Accelerating this timeline means we can deliver even more value to our customers, more quickly.

Who do I turn to if I have additional questions?

  • Please refer to our press release, our blog post, and to your Bullhorn account manager, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What about the corporate HR segment that Connexys serves?

  • Bullhorn will continue to sell and support Connexys’s Force.com product and Fast Forward products for corporate recruiting teams within mainland Europe.

Will any of my points of contact change and whom do I contact with questions?

  • None of your customer points of contact will change as a result of this acquisition.