Do as I Say…Not as I did! Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

In the final week of my three part series of advice aimed to spare you from making a lot of mistakes on the road to becoming a more effective Sales Manager, I can only hope that some of the information you have found here has been helpful. In closing, I look forward to hearing your responses on my advice!

5) Under-managing mediocre performers is yet another mistake that I have made in the past. I’m a team builder and tend toward creating a family environment. When you find yourself devoting the largest portion of your time and effort to the under performers on your team, take that as a wake up call. Don’t do it! If you are satisfied with the amount of business that this type of sales rep delivers and if they are unwilling or unable to step up their level of play, then be sure to implement an account and prospect rotation plan. Don’t let them sit on potential clients when some of your hard chargers or a new hire would be working hard to develop new business.

Allow me to wrap this up by saying that I also did a lot of things right as a Sales Executive. I always provided training, coaching, and leadership for my teams. My “feet on the street” approach took me into the field each week to make client sales calls with reps. That includes cold calling and account servicing, as well as the fun stuff of going on the “big one” and taking clients to lunch. I was able to learn from my mistakes and that is what I am sharing with you here. My experience has also been the fuel for my passion to coach, develop and train sales managers and sales professionals. As a coach, helping clients to get results is what I am all about. This year, just do it. Go out and find yourself a mentor or sign up for consulting or hire a coach. Get involved with your local chapter of the National Staffing Associations; participate in the Staffing Industry forums and programs. Do it the smart way, not the hard way.

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