Feel Your PR Pulse: Understand Your Relationships

Client relationships

The world of public relations (PR) is dynamic and fast-paced, particularly in agency land. Here, the dual pressures of keeping clients happy and winning new business are ever-present. To achieve both of these goals and grow an agency, relationships need to be at the core of your business.

At Bullhorn, we have built a technology solution to help agencies do just this. We call it Pulse. This wonder-tool helps our clients to monitor and safeguard their business relationships today so that they can embrace a healthy future with their clients tomorrow.

Using Pulse for your PR agency, you can split your understanding of your client relationships into three time frames:

  1. Yesterday
  2. Today
  3. Tomorrow

This line of thinking enables you to learn from past communication, informing current decision-making and improving your success rate with leads and future opportunities.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works:  

1. Bullhorn Pulse for Yesterday

Bullhorn’s patented email tracking system lives at the heart of Bullhorn Pulse. It automatically mines email exchanges for information that provides vital insight into client relationships. Electronic conversations are never lost or misplaced.

You can use a combination of Bullhorn CRM and Pulse to dig deep into historic customer communication records, unearthing the relevant information you need to help you better understand your client relationships. For example:

  • When is the right time to discuss budgets?
  • Do you need to raise your performance?
  • Is your client thinking about looking for a new agency?

Pulse also shows exactly where the strongest client-executive relationships exist so that you can actively encourage these in the future. All of this intelligence goes a long way toward reinforcing your PR agency’s client relationships.

So yesterday may be history, but it certainly helps PR agencies to obtain invaluable insight for both today and tomorrow.

2. Bullhorn Pulse for TodayClient Relationships

Bullhorn Pulse makes you a more efficient PR agency in the present as well. Here’s how:

  • Bullhorn Pulse boosts connection rates. With an intelligent engagement summary, executives can see at a glance the duration of client relationships at a glance, who last contacted them, and when the contact occurred.
  • Pulse also goes a step further, recommending the best time to contact each customer, right down to the hour and day of the week, providing another boost to connection rates.
  • Bullhorn Pulse is a time saver. It reduces the time you need to prepare for client meetings by providing a 360⁰ overview of any client relationship. It’s so easy that it almost doesn’t feel like work.
  • Pulse insights prepare you for any sort of client communication by alerting you to shifts in sentiment and allowing you to anticipate client issues. With Pulse, you will always be a step ahead of client issues.

3. Bullhorn Pulse for Tomorrow

For all PR agencies, the management of leads and future opportunities is critical and vastly eased by Bullhorn Pulse.

By monitoring client relationships, you can better understand behaviour, helping you to farm existing accounts by predicting how best to convert a lead into a future opportunity. Research time is vastly reduced, so executives can take that saved time to concentrate on generating new leads and growing business.

To find out more about Bullhorn Pulse, click here and book a live demo.

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