Fired Up

Some of you had noticed that I wasn’t blogging as much as I usually do during this spring. And, now, I can explain to every one that I was raising $26 Million in capital to supercharge Bullhorn. The decision to work with Bob Davis of Highland Capital and John Simon of General Catalyst was not one made over night. Barry, Roger and I spent a lot of time in strategic planning sessions and meeting with potential investors and we spent a tremendous amount of time checking our guts. We met a lot of firms who had money to offer us, but few who we felt could play the role of a true partner to Bullhorn. We wanted investors that understood our mission of powering the desk of every Staffing and Recruiting professional worldwide and were as committed to it as we were. And Bob and John are true believers in this market. Focusing exclusively on the Staffing and Recruiting market is what has driven Bullhorn’s success to this point. And that’s what is going to drive our success in the next stage of our growth. This capital provides Bullhorn the unique opportunity to invest in multiple areas at once. We’re going to drive innovation in the product, improve our service and account management offerings and finally, expanding our sales and service presence so we can be closer to our clients. I want to thank all of our clients and employees for helping make Bullhorn such a fantastic success to date. I know I speak for all three founders when I say that we’re all incredibly excited about Bullhorn’s future.

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