Four ways to faster recruitment – Maximise your efficiency

Faster Recruitment

Peter Linas, Bullhorn’s international MD, offers his advice on faster recruitment and how to maximise efficiency in the workplace 

In today’s fast-paced working environment and with an economy that’s still recovering, businesses must work as efficiently as possible. But how can a recruitment company make its employees work faster, and smarter without risking burnout? Here are four tips to speed up employees, increase efficiency, and drive revenue:

Use one system

Agencies using more than one system have to make multiple data entries per candidate. Not only is this time consuming, it can also result in human error and will cause huge problems if a member of staff leaves and data needs to be recovered from multiple locations. By using just one system, not only is all your data stored in one easy-to-navigate location, but it could also save a recruitment firm that previously entered data into five or six systems, at five minutes per system, 20-25 minutes per entry thus enabling faster recruitment.

Integrate applications

Recruiters need access to many different applications throughout the recruitment lifecycle so why not save time and integrate them all with your recruitment CRM? From segmenting email lists and sending email campaigns to posting on job boards and recording calls, the Bullhorn Marketplace enables recruiters to do all this from one location. The ultimate time saver.

Faster Recruitment


Speed up onboarding

The UK has seen a sharp increase in contract and temporary recruitment of late – a very lucrative, but potentially very admin heavy aspect of recruitment for agencies. The answer? Automate the process of onboarding contractors, so recruiters can spend more time on placing candidates and less time filling in forms and other administrative tasks that fall within their remit. Bullhorn Onboarding is designed to improve the contractor experience and provide operational efficiencies in the back office.  It enables consultants to automatically populate placement data including contractor name and address and provides a secure login to a portal for candidates’ electronic signatures and easy completion of documents. It tracks the progress of each candidate’s documents online and will even send electronic reminders to ensure paperwork is completed on time so your recruiters don’t have to!

Go mobile

Today’s workplace needs to be flexible and, most importantly, mobile, but for no industry is this more true than the recruitment industry. Recruiters are constantly out of the office meeting new candidates and clients and it’s important that they have access to their candidate and placement data on-the-go. By using a cloud-based recruitment CRM, recruiters can access and update both their client and candidate data from anywhere and at any time, meaning time out of the office is no longer wasted time.

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