Recruiting Metrics: Job Order Response Time

Get the business by getting the resume to the hiring manager first.

Key Metric
Time from New Job Order to First Resume Submission

This metric is the average time it takes to submit a resume after obtaining a new job order.

What You Need to Know
This metric shows how quickly you are able to respond to your clients. In staffing and recruiting, the business often goes to the recruiter who submits the best resume or candidate to the hiring manager first. A fast response typically indicates that you have an excellent pool of existing candidates and/or you are able to source qualified candidates quickly. Remember that you compete on speed, quality and price. This helps to measure speed at a crucial point early in the process. As a recruiter, you don’t want to get beat by another recruiter submitting a qualified candidate.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Ashley Healy.

Ashley Healy specializes in integrated marketing communications and a wide range of marketing activities including social media management, SEO copywriting, content marketing, promotional strategies and employment branding. She previously worked as Content Marketing Manager at Bullhorn and prior to that, as a copywriter and marketing coordinator at Verndale, a full-service digital agency.



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