What Will Be the Most Important Staffing and Recruitment Trends of 2015?

Bullhorn is once again set to determine the most important recruitment trends of the next year with its 2015 Staffing and Recruitment Trends Survey for the United Kingdom. We want your opinion on the most crucial industry opportunities and challenges to come in 2015! How did your recruitment agency perform in terms of revenue, number of placements, fill rate, hit rate, time-to-fill, bill rate, and compensation compared to your competitors? How important are recruitment customer relationship management systems to the success of your agency and that of your competitors?

From hundreds of data points, some key findings from last year’s report included:

  • 80% of UK recruitment agencies met or exceeded their revenue goals in 2013
  • Only 26% of agencies planned to launch new offices in 2014, a sharp decrease from the previous year’s plans
  • 78% of recruitment agencies generated 50% or more of their revenue from repeat client business in 2013

Take our Recruitment Trends Survey today and we’ll send you our annual benchmark report when it’s completed in February. You can also enter to win a £350 gift voucher and we’ll make a donation to a charity of your choice – just for finishing the survey. Your responses will be totally anonymous.

Take the Survey: 2015 Staffing and Recruitment Trends Survey

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