The Key to Business Success: Kiss Some Frogs

Whether you are a lawyer or hairdresser you face the same challenge: how do you promote and sell your service?  Being a salesperson sometimes carries negative connotations and people immediately think of the door to door vacuum salespeople of the 1950s, but in truth no matter what we do we all have to sell. Artists have to sell their creations. Actors have to sell themselves, and even after years of training, lawyers have billings and new business targets to achieve. Sales requires a multifaceted set of skills and it’s a reality of the modern world that we all have to sell at some stage.

Selling starts with a positive attitude to the world around you and if you believe in what you do and your product or service, you should be proud of the brand you represent. Don’t be embarrassed to tell people what you sell and see if there are any opportunities to engage with a potential customer or client.

So how do you generate interest and opportunities for business success? Start KISSING SOME FROGS.

When I started Bullhorn International six years ago I took a big risk in my career and started from scratch. Sure Bullhorn had a very strong presence in the US but how many US businesses have come to Europe and returned with their tails between their legs within 12 months?  It was a challenge and a decision I made because I saw the potential and was passionate about the offering. At that stage I would meet anyone who had a pulse, I targeted at least 12 meetings a week excluding networking events, and by the end of year one I had over 500 meetings under my belt.

I certainly ended up kissing a few frogs and I didn’t mind what sort of frog! As long as they had some form of connection with my sector I would meet them, chat and see what happened.  The value that can be drawn from two people meeting, comparing notes and seeing how either party can help the other achieve their goals, never ceases to amaze me. Point in case: I closed a large piece of business that came about from me chatting to my milkman!

So get out there, meet people, connect with old work colleagues, school friends, ask for introductions and let yourself go, be proud and be passionate take the odd speculative meeting –  if you pucker up and start kissing some frogs, you never know what might happen!

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