Top Tips to Kick Start Your Business in 2016


Data is the lifeblood of the modern business. We’re awash with it, and the volume is growing every day. But it’s surprising how many companies do not have a good strategy for managing data, particularly for contacts.

Take public relations companies as an example. They operate in a competitive arena. Their success hinges on accurate contact data – after all, you need to reach the right journalists if you want to gain press coverage for your story. Without due care, contact data can become outdated quickly, leading to lost productivity and unhappy clients. Dirty data is a big problem.

To help you avoid data problems in 2016, here are three New Year’s resolutions to kick start your business:

1. Clean up All Data

Before you think about a technology solution for managing contacts, you first need to get your data in order. Removing old contacts and updating account records is the proper start of the process, helping you to improve company efficiency whilst boosting employee morale. After all, people are always more satisfied when they can carry out their jobs without impediment.

Get the year off to a flying start by cleansing your data.

2. Invest in a Decent CRM System

With clean data you will improve your team’s productivity. But the cleansing exercise is just the start. The next step is to invest in a good quality CRM that will help you to extract maximum value from your contact data. This is where Bullhorn CRM comes in.

You may have used a CRM before, but it won’t have been as efficient as Bullhorn. Your old CRM may have required endless downtime for updates or may not have offered a mobile interface. If that’s the case, you’re certainly not alone. Bullhorn is a true cloud CRM. We have the best specialist partners in the business, ensuring that data migration and implementation can be carried out quickly.

A key Bullhorn CRM feature is automatic data population. Once data is correctly entered into the system, it will automatically appear in all relevant fields on all required pages. There’s no need for repeat inputting, so the opportunity for human error is vastly reduced.

3. Restore Your Team’s Faith in the Company

Next, you need to focus on winning back your company’s lost morale. Sit down with your team and explain the value of your new CRM. Getting them on board early will ensure quick adoption and a successful CRM project, ultimately helping to create happy clients.

With Bullhorn supporting your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll have every reason to feel bright about the future of your business. In fact, if you act now, Bullhorn could be in place at your business by the end of the first quarter.

To find out more about how a Bullhorn CRM system can kick start your business for 2016, click here for a live demo.

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