When It Comes To Recruiting Software, Easy Does It

As a recruiting software product manager, I know that being easy is actually very difficult.

When making something easy for your buyer, user or client, the burden becomes yours. Rather than just throwing options at a symptom, you have to take a holistic approach, looking at different angles of a problem to solve it at the core.

Features Don’t Solve Problems

Most of our competitors in the recruiting software space are focused on adding as many features as they can to their product so they can market a new shiny object. However, most users will never know these extraneous features exist, and few will find any real value in them.

Instead, at Bullhorn, we focus on the complex problems that are facing our clients and the market. Then we figure out how we can solve those problems in a way that drives real results.

Sometimes the solution isn’t so shiny. It may be a simple as eliminating unnecessary clicks and dialogue boxes in the recruiting workflow. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a solution that helps our customers work faster in a business where minutes matter.

Decision Simplicity

A survey from the Harvard Business Review showed that “decision simplicity” is by far the most important aspect in the likelihood of a prospect to:

  • follow through with a purchase
  • buy repeatedly
  • recommend a product to others

This not only means packaging items in a way that is relevant to the buyer, but also giving them reliable information that is specific to their individual needs.

How Bullhorn Keeps Recruiting Software Simple

At Bullhorn we have an extreme focus on easy and simple.

  • Software: We want to make our software as easy to use as possible, from the intuitiveness of the design to the functionality of the features.
  • Our Core Message: It’s simple. We build great software for great recruiting and staffing firms.
    We stick to simple for many reasons but the most important one is that the easier we make our product, and the easier it is to do business with us, the more successful our clients will be.

Your Easy Strategy

People are faced with an endless number of decisions all day, every day. Every grain of mental capacity that you can convince them to spend on you is valuable and should be treated as such. When considering your easy strategy, a good place to start is focusing on making the buying process as easy as possible. Fewer options and relevant information lead to faster decisions and more satisfied buyers.

We all know there are many ways that you can make your product or company more successful, but what we have found is that if you make doing business with your company as easy as possible, people will reward you with buying what you are selling, buying it more often and telling other people they should buy it too.

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