Transform Your Contingent Staffing Business with Bullhorn’s Salesforce-based Workforce Management Solution

bullhorn for salesforce workforce edition

In 2021, Bullhorn bought Sirenum, an industry-leading workforce management system, and now the two systems have come together to create Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition.

Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition is a powerful system of record that streamlines and automates your processes – from candidate management to scheduling and worker engagement – all connected to your back-office systems of choice. 

We hosted a webinar to introduce this solution and provide more context around how it can help recruitment agencies transform their businesses. Click here to watch the entire webinar on-demand.

Read on to learn more about Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition:

Current Market Challenges

Across the globe, businesses are adjusting to the economy, new working norms, and fluctuations in the market. Contingent staffing agencies are faced with numerous challenges and obstacles, including:

  • Poor worker experience resulting in poor redeployment.
  • Lack of visibility and siloed reporting as a result of working in non-digitised sources or disconnected systems.
  • Overbooking due to the high probability of no-shows.
  • Unpredictable demand for workers. 
  • A majority of time spent on administration tasks. 

Bullhorn and Sirenum

For our many customers using the Salesforce platform worldwide, we were determined to provide a purpose-built, proven shift scheduling and workforce management solution tailored to their unique needs. With the acquisition of Sirenum, Bullhorn for Salesforce customers can leverage complex shift management and workforce management solutions to grow and scale their businesses.

Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition

Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition enables you to drive efficiency, profitability and create long-term worker relationships with a unified system for your teams, workers, and customers.

Bullhorn for Salesforce is trusted by recruitment agencies across the globe who are digitally transforming their businesses. Purpose-built to maximise the power of the Salesforce platform, Bullhorn for Salesforce can help your business generate more placements, increase billable hours, improve margins, and deliver client and candidate experiences that will differentiate your brand.

Key features include:

  • Scheduling: Manage all your workers in one talent pool and stay on top of it, so you can react quickly to demand from your customers and get the right people in the right place at the right time. Simplify schedule development and changes, reduce the risk of fatigue with live fatigue management, and get real-time compliance insight.
  • Monitoring: Track whether your workers are on their way to their shift to predict no-shows and avoid incurring SLA failure costs. Accurately calculate staff time and attendance without interrupting the existing process, quickly respond to recruiting requirements, and arm managers with the tools necessary for managing their teams. 
  • Self-Service: Deliver a mobile solution that lives on the worker’s phone and empowers them to manage their own work lives. Workers can manage their availability, tell you they’re on their way to their shift, clock in and out of shifts, and see their pay information. 
  • Rate cards: Set up and manage complex rate cards in one place, driving payroll and billing accuracy for your company. Improve worker experience by paying them the right amount on time and speed up the billing process to reduce invoicing issues and debtor days.

2 out of 3 workers want the human touch during the job search process, but 90% wish finding jobs through agencies was more streamlined, and half have given up because search/placement took too long.

Don’t miss out on talent because of your technology. Streamline your operations and upgrade your tech stack to take back the time your team spends on admin and spend it on what they do best – building relationships.


Check out the video below and click here to learn more about Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition.

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