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Bullhorn’s CRM for Humans Enables the Rapid Expansion of UK Engineering Recruitment Agency by Eliminating Robotic Data Entry

Beginning a new company in a well-established market comprised of such large organisations can be daunting, if not inconceivable. But Thornley Corporate Solutions’ (TCS) distinct approach towards recruitment saw them locating clients and placing candidates at such a rapid pace that they were propelled straight onto a level playing field with the biggest players in record time.

Bullhorn caught up with Daren Thornley, Director of TCS, to discuss the successes behind the company’s rapid expansion. In particular, he discussed the obstacles the company faced and how Bullhorn became a positive enabler for TCS in a paradoxical time of successes and setbacks.

The 5-year-old recruitment agency provides services to the engineering industry, specifically sourcing talent from the automotive, food, FMCG, and general engineering sectors. From the very beginning, TCS’ focused mindset distinguished it from the rest. The company aimed to quickly locate the right clients, and recruit the right candidates to ultimately reduce downtime and ensure both profitability and career growth. Put simply, TCS aimed to be faster than its competitors without compromising on quality.

Today, Daren and the Thornley team employ an extensive engineering network across the world and consequently hold vast insight into the sector they operate in. Indeed, the agency communicates with hundreds of engineering professionals on a daily basis.

A few years ago, however, the company’s impressive performance meant that TCS was unable to uphold the culture upon which its foundations had been built. As its candidate list grew, so did its stockpile of stored information. After a while, Daren was unable to maintain his singular focus, and he knew he needed a new CRM system to not only maintain the current in-house database, but to enable TCS to continue on a path of rapid expansion.

After an Internet search for a provider that could help TCS sort out its problems, Daren found that Bullhorn “offered everything we needed as a small business…it gave us the same tools as larger players.” Bullhorn offered scalability with no extra costs and no “need for dedicated equipment”.

In order to tailor Bullhorn to TCS’ specific needs, Daren chose to implement a customised candidate profiling process along with several customisable fields. As Daren expected, Bullhorn has helped to reinforce TCS’ authentic, precise approach towards recruitment. Since implementation, Thornley has been able to provide the high level of service towards both clients and candidates that it began with back in 2010.

Importantly for Daren and his team, Bullhorn is user-friendly with a logical workflow. Tools such as Bullhorn’s note system have improved internal communication, saving time that might otherwise have been spent approaching candidates for irrelevant roles and ensuring the highest level of rapport with candidates. Bullhorn also “reacts quickly to clients’ vacancies by calling upon thousands of profiled candidates stored in the system.”

Now TCS uses a CRM that makes it easy to engage in human interaction and spend less time sorting through disparate robotic information. According to Daren, Bullhorn demonstrates to clients that “we are really listening to them” and logs all information on one central platform “from first call right through to placement.”

Ultimately, Bullhorn has “drastically improved” TCS response time to client requirements, with its time-to-fill dropping by fifty per cent since implementation. Bullhorn is proud to note that Daren, who himself has worked with numerous CRM tools, feels that Bullhorn is “by far the best product offering unrivalled ease of use, support, scalability, flexibility in work location, and, above all, return on investment”.

The Future

Daren and his team are currently in the process of making Bullhorn its central CRM tool via data cleansing. Soon, with a fully integrated CRM system to put Thornley ahead of the game, the company shall be in a better position than ever before to tackle its competitive market. TCS will be able to utilise its extensive network by proactively approaching the right decision-makers with “hard-to-find candidates.”

Bullhorn’s “near-limitless customisation” is an excellent fit for the “evolving entity” that is TCS. Certainly, if the past few years are anything to go by, Bullhorn anticipates an even more impressive future for the engineering recruitment specialists.

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