The Opportunity

Motion has been a top recruitment agency for years, always at the forefront of innovation. Even with that success, they were always on the lookout for ways to make their processes better. Before using automation, they found that their candidates would have inconsistent experiences based on the relationship with their recruiter. Additionally, they didn’t have a channel to collect unbiased feedback from their candidates and clients.

When recruitment automation first came on the scene, Motion saw a lot of potential for it to change the industry. “I look at everything as an opportunity. Our business was doing really well; recruiters were doing really well. So we asked, what is the opportunity? How is the marketplace changing, and how can automation be leveraged?” Motion enjoys trying new technologies and decided to be an early adopter of automation technology in 2017.

The Solution

While Motion has been a Bullhorn customer since 2016, they decided to make the move to Bullhorn Automation (previously Herefish) from Sense in 2020. “I think really what was the decision maker for the transition was the opportunity with Bullhorn Automation,” said Mandy. “At the time, Bullhorn Automation’s capabilities were threefold what the Sense capabilities were.” The Motion team was particularly intrigued by the recruitment automation and data hygiene that Bullhorn Automation has to offer.

Bullhorn Automation also gives Motion the ability to automate and remove previously time-consuming manual tasks while increasing the team’s efficiency. This allows them to be more efficient when communicating with candidates and clients. “I think automation has made everything better,” said Mandy.

Automation and digital transformation will all only be as good as your data is. For me, the win with Bullhorn Automation has been around data hygiene and recruitment automation.
Mandy Walker Vice President Marketing, Motion Recruitment

The Results

As a result of using Bullhorn Automation, Motion has been able to meet their moment by enhancing their access to clean data, increasing their visibility through candidate engagement, and improving their team’s efficiency.

Enhanced Access to Clean Data: According to Mandy, the ability for an organisation to digitally transform is hugely tied to its data integrity. She said that Motion’s data needs to be a top priority because it impacts its team’s ability to innovate and create strong candidate and client experiences.

“When you think of all of the innovation you can do with things like the Bullhorn Talent Platform, and engaging with candidates and clients in a bigger way, if your data is not accurate, you are actually risking the experience you’re delivering,” said Mandy. “If you have the wrong estimated end date, persona, or seniority level listed for a candidate, all of these things can negatively impact their experience with you.” Errors such as posting the wrong estimated end date for a candidate’s job, or showing a candidate junior level jobs when they were last placed in a senior-level position, can cause confusion for a candidate, and put a strain on their relationship with their recruiter. Motion leverages automation to build trust and integrity in the data they access in Bullhorn, in order to give them the information they need to create a positive candidate experience while continuing to innovate further.

This data integrity is also particularly important when you are capturing information from multiple systems like Motion is. “As a marketing team, we are capturing data in a lot of different systems. We partner closely with our in-house development team to make sure we are centralising all of our customer journey data so that you can see the entire customer journey, because the entire view is not always just going to be in Bullhorn,” said Mandy.


Increased Visibility Through Candidate Engagement: Motion’s marketing team has successfully used Bullhorn Automation to track how their candidates engage with content. With over 75,000 people interacting with Motion’s automations to date, it’s important that they can keep track of how each candidate engages with their automations. Thankfully, the marketing team is able to track what candidates click on and how that interaction impacts their journey down the road.

In a re-engagement campaign, if a candidate indicates they are still in the market, Motion’s marketing team tracks their response as a note action. This lead is then automatically sent to the recruiter. The marketing team can then look at this later on to see if the candidate was placed. According to Mandy, “It’s all about indirect and direct influence of how we’re influencing the candidate journey and pulling them back into the funnel.”

Motion also is happy with how this re-engagement through automated marketing campaigns has translated into redeploying candidates into the market. “In addition to net new [candidates], I look at candidate acquisition as re-engaging the existing database. I think that has been a huge area of growth for us, in terms of leveraging all of the candidates, or old inactive candidates, and reactivating them,” said Mandy. With the current talent shortage, it is more important than ever for Motion to use tools like Bullhorn Automation to utilise their current resources and redeploy candidates who are in their network.


Improved Efficiency: Through Bullhorn Automation, Motion’s recruiters have become more efficient. In fact, Motion has created almost 1 million automated actions, saving them 25,000 hours worth of manual work. While Mandy believes automation must work in parallel with recruitment agencies in order to be successful, she said it helps the team work smarter and frees up time for recruiters to focus on relationship building. “The goal for automation is to empower recruiters to do what they do best, which is more personal touch and personal relationships while minimising administrative tasks, or giving them insight into how candidates and clients are really feeling, when they may not be actively checking in and asking those questions.” By receiving these additional insights through Bullhorn Automation, Motion’s recruiters are able to respond appropriately to issues that they did not know their candidates and clients were facing.

However, reducing manual work goes beyond recruiters. Motion’s marketing team has also benefited from Bullhorn Automation’s ability to capture leads. “Bullhorn Automation has empowered us to grow our marketing team’s impact on the business, and it’s made our recruiters’ lives easier because they’re getting more candidates handed directly to them now, as opposed to having to go out and source for those candidates,” said Mandy. “We’ve been driving more inbound leads than before.” Bullhorn Automation has automated the candidate lead delivery straight to a recruiter, eliminating the manual lead handoff process between sales and marketing. With this time savings, Motion is able to pass hundreds of candidate leads to their recruitment team each month.

With the help of Bullhorn Automation, our marketing team's impact on the business has grown in a large way.
Mandy Walker Vice President Marketing, Motion Recruitment

The Future

Looking ahead, Motion is looking to expand their automations while doing candidate and client journey mapping. “We already have a lot of automations. We have a lot of what the typical workflows would be, and we have implemented the recommendations we received when we first turned on Bullhorn Automation,” said Mandy. “But for us, it’s now about expanding the candidate journey and influencing the experience on a larger level.”

As for their partnership with Bullhorn? The Motion team has enjoyed partnering with Bullhorn to create new functions and put features on the roadmap. “One of our most recent impactful net-new [candidate] automations was around tear sheets. This automation allows us to take candidate leads that we get based on actions that they have taken and prior candidate history, and put them into segmented tear sheets. These tear sheets are then readily available to be assessed by  the right recruiter. That was not an existing function within Bullhorn Automation,” said Mandy. “We pitched the use case to Jason [Heilman, SVP – Product, Automation and AI, at Bullhorn] and he made it happen for us. Frankly, it’s automation features like this [tear sheet automation] that make such a big impact for us and keep us locked into Bullhorn Automation.”





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