What is Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruitment agency software is an essential tool for your recruitment agency. It allows you to build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the entire recruitment process. By utilizing recruitment agency software, your agency can eliminate manual data input and save essential time while still engaging with candidates. The leading systems, however, take a step further in that they automatically capture interactions, email conversations, store it, and organize your data. With an integrated software, automation replaces your fingertips, saving you valuable time.

Why Do You Need Recruitment Agency Software?

Are you wasting time and money on inefficiencies caused by siloed recruitment software solutions? In order to work effectively in today’s hyper-competitive staffing landscape, firms need to use optimized processes all the way through the recruiting lifecycle. To achieve this, staffing firms need software that can support them from the front office to the back office. The best staffing software offers a robust, integrated structure with an ease of use that can streamline the entire recruiting lifecycle.

Key Features of the Best Recruitment Agency Software

The most competitive firms today use the top recruitment software on the market to drive productivity and profitability. The best recruiment agency software available is built on the pillars of speed, security, and reliability. The solid foundation provided by a fast, secure, and reliable system enables the expansion of functionality that can further separate firms from the competition. Conversely, software that lacks a solid foundation will require costly maintenance, monitoring, and updating to make up for its deficient infrastructure.

Finding the best recruitment agency software for your firm can be challenging. However, quality solutions have characteristics that help you identify inadequate systems. For instance, when considering reliability, any non-cloud solution inherently will result in more downtime, and is therefore less reliable. True cloud-based systems experience 25 times less downtime than hosted or on-premise solutions. Also characteristic of cloud-based systems is a lower cost over time. True cloud solutions are Internet-based, which means that all users are constantly equipped with the most up-to-date version of the software. The same is not the case for on-premise solutions, which require costly software upgrades. Over a seven-year time period, a true cloud solution will cost 46% less than an on-premise solution.

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Speed is a critical factor as well when evaluating recruitment agency software. 57% of candidates who are successfully placed are submitted by recruiters within the first 24 hours of receiving a job order, according to the Ultimate Revenue Roadmap. Effective recruitment technology should help your team respond to clients and candidates before your competitors. And the more business you win, the faster your company will grow.

Finally, the best recruitment agency software should be secure, especially in light of today’s focus on confidentiality and the increasing threat of cyber-attacks. In addition to transactional log backups performed every 30 minutes, full and differential data backups occur on a weekly and nightly basis to ensure your data is safe and secure. Security certifications are another way to ensure the protection of your data. Ask the vendor if they are compliant with government standards for the protection of personal information such as SSAE 16 and EU Safe Harbor.

Despite the high stakes associated with choosing the right, and conversely the wrong, recruitment agency software, many companies still rely on inadequate or subpar systems that are not only wasting resources but also costing money. Do your research and be direct when talking to vendors about your business challenges. If you’re interested in purchasing an applicant tracking system, then check out Bullhorn’s ATS Buyer’s Guide for a sample list of important vendor questions.

To learn more about recruitment agency software and how to evaluate the right solution for your firm, visit our other topics pages on ATS Software Reviews and Recruitment Software Comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any recruitment agency, from startup to global enterprise, can use recruitment agency software. Agencies can choose the solutions that work best for them based on their size, vertical, and business goals. More than 10,000 staffing firms around the world rely on Bullhorn each and every day.

A truly robust recruitment agency software should be scalable and flexible to meet the needs of agencies of all types and sizes. Large recruiting agencies looking for the flexibility to add users shouldn’t be limited by their staffing agency software, whether it’s an on-premise or hosted solution. A firm that has three recruiters today should not be limited by the high costs of moving current data and implementing a completely new system when it comes time to grow. The scalability characteristic of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems offers unlimited growth potential because it allows you to quickly add users, offices, and business lines without incurring massive implementation or opportunity costs.

The purpose of recruitment agency software is to improve your staffing and recruiting processes, not to complicate them. Recruitment agency software centralizes all of your data, from job requisitions to employee referrals, into one accessible location. It also provides your candidates with an easy, efficient way of applying for different positions. By leveraging automation, recruitment agency software streamlines and organizes your recruiting workflow, allowing you to handle a large volume of candidates without hefty amounts of paperwork. Recruitment agency software also improves communication and fosters a better alliance between your organization’s recruiters, hiring managers, and prospective applicants.

The price of recruitment agency software is related to the solutions and features it provides and the size of the organization it serves. Those looking to implement recruitment agency software can find a price point that is both cost-effective and helps their organization achieve their business goals.

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