Work Smarter, Not Harder

Trying to make the right decisions when you don’t have the data to support your choices can be tough. Through Bullhorn's 2021 GRID Recruitment Trends Survey, recruitment agency executives unanimously voiced a desire for real-time, actionable business intelligence and reporting.

Bullhorn Analytics can help your team:

Make Business Decisions with Confidence

Get clearactionable insights on individual and team performance to confidently navigate and achieve business goals

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Improve Sales and Operational Performance

Ensure your team is working on the tasks that lead to the most valuable opportunities

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Deliver Exceptional Client Value

Enhance client experience by turning once transactional sales activities into long-term client value and build lasting relationships

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How Customers use Bullhorn Analytics to Accelerate Growth

Agencies who hate admin use Bullhorn

Shayne Simpson, Managing Director
TechNET IT Recruitment Ltd


Bullhorn Analytics – an indispensable tool for Highfield Professional Solutions

Liam Thomas, Co-Founder at Highfield & Data X Connect
Highfield Professional Solutions


Identify your best clients using the A B C model, and fill more jobs with Bullhorn Analytics

Shayne Simpson, Managing Director
TechNET IT Recruitment Ltd


How Charlton Morris now measures what matters with Bullhorn Analytics

Kris Holland, Director of Marketing & RevOps
Charlton Morris


Make Business Decisions with Confidence

Bullhorn Analytics gives you customisable, automated dashboards that turn your valuable data into easy-to-understand actionable insights.

Analytics ensures that your people spend their time on the most valuable tasks by simplifying decision-making with real-time actionable insights. It gives recruiters clarity via self-served insights driving productivity and return on effort at the desk level.

Improve Sales and Operational Performance

Bullhorn Analytics allows recruiters to develop easily actionable plans connecting their daily activities to trackable results. Recruiters can achieve their strategic goals faster by ensuring they work on the most valuable opportunities, while reducing burnout and wasted effort.

Empower Your Team

Provide real-time analytics to recruiters and sales people so they can constantly improve their return on effort

Unlock Hidden Revenue

Allow your team to uncover revenue opportunities hidden within your data

Connect Actions to Outcomes

Use role-specific dashboards to highlight how actions lead to performance outcomes and results


Deliver Exceptional Client Value

Build long-term relationships with clients and automatically identify revenue opportunities that will improve the value you provide to your clients.

Identify how you can improve and enhance the client experience by using the dedicated Bullhorn Analytics client dashboards. Measure the value you provide to clients and compare how your client relationships are changing over time so you can proactively resolve problems.

Bullhorn Analytics is the central point of truth that allows us to analyse the most effective tool we’re using. Whether hitting the phones, putting together email marketing campaigns or taking a content-led approach to candidate or client acquisition, Bullhorn Analytics (previously cube19) allows individuals to work in a way that is most effective for them.
Kris Holland Charlton Morris

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