While IT can be both an industry (software, hardware, Internet, and data management companies) and a function (programming/development, systems administration, UX design, etc.), it is the functional element of IT that has seen the most impressive growth. In every industry trends survey Bullhorn has conducted in the past several years, the most commonly reported “skill shortage” has always been in IT. Indeed, sourcing affordable IT talent – whether it be for contract or permanent positions – can be a challenge regardless of region. And in certain areas, like Boston and London, recruitment consultants might legitimately have a better chance of locating an actual purple squirrel than finding and placing a senior software engineer who’s both qualified and within the average company’s salary limit.

The major challenges in finding IT talent is that all IT workers are inherently skilled, and there are fewer skilled workers than unskilled workers in the world. Many recruitment CRM systems struggle with accuracy in keyword matching, returning candidates who work in coffee shops on a “Java” search query. Tech_Icon_V1

Bullhorn has a unique advantage in helping recruitment agencies serving the IT sector succeed – our company is comprised of technologists. With more than 1,400 IT recruitment agencies as customers, Bullhorn understands IT recruitment inside and out. Here are just two of the many ways Bullhorn recruitment software can facilitate exceptional performance for IT recruitment organisations:

Sourcing: Technical talent in the IT sector is rarely active. With high demands for skilled STEM professionals, the good ones are rarely out of a job. In order to find and connect with the best passive IT candidates, recruitment consultants need to know where to look: social networks. Bullhorn Reach is the most widely-used dedicated social recruitment product in existence, and its patented Radar algorithm identifies talent in your networks who may be looking for a new job, before they even announce it. Additionally, Bullhorn Reach’s Engage feature allows you to share interesting, relevant content with your networks. Maybe that top software engineer won’t respond to your cold call, but she might engage with you if you share and comment intelligently on articles from Slashdot.

Candidate search: The Bullhorn recruitment CRM system parses in data from CVs, locates keywords as they pertain to skills, and retrieves matches to candidates quickly and accurately. The higher the skill level and the more keywords involved, the better Bullhorn performs. The recruitment CRM system thrives on sophisticated search and match.

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