Marketplace Partner Toolkit


The Bullhorn Marketplace is home to an incredible variety of solutions designed to help you improve productivity, drive results, and grow your business. How can you get started? This toolkit covers all the resources you need to understand our open ecosystem of partners and ultimately make the right investments for your agency’s specific needs.

Understanding the Bullhorn Partner Ecosystem

What is the Bullhorn Partner Ecosystem? What’s the difference between marketplace partners and developers? Start to hear to find all the answers to your marketplace questions.


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Your Guide to the Different Types of Marketplace Categories

Don't know where to start when looking for Bullhorn Marketplace Partners? This guide will walk you through every marketplace category, what they are, and why they matter to your recruitment agency.


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3 Ways to Win More Talent with Partners

Want your agency to stand out and win more business? One of our marketplace partners shares some useful ways to win more talent and gain a competitive edge.


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How to Measure Success with Marketplace Partners

How can you determine the ROI on a marketplace investment? Here are three ways to measure the value of a prospective partner solution.


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10 Questions to Ask During a Partner Demo

What should you ask during a partner demo? Start with this checklist.


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Top Considerations When Choosing a Recruitment CRM Integration

What actually matters when choosing an integration? Start with these questions.


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