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Streamline Candidate Management from Sourcing to Submital


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The Fastest Applicant Tracking System on the Market


Improve Recruiter Productivity, Increase Fill Rate, and Grow Your Revenue

Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is 40% faster than comparable systems and can help recruitment consultants save up to 8.3 hours a week.

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Automate the End-to-End Recruitment Lifecycle

Extend the Capabilities of Your ATS with These Solutions

Shorten the Time between Placement and Start

With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can create as many forms as your clients demand, automatically populate job and candidate data fields, and provide an excellent candidate experience with a secure portal to complete and sign documents, all directly within the Bullhorn ATS.

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Unlock Insights Hidden in Your Data

Empower your team with true ad-hoc reporting to unlock insights hidden in your data. With Bullhorn Canvas, you can run any report imaginable to know your business better, turn data into action, and make better business decisions faster.

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Compete and Win on VMS Business

Forget copy and paste. Bullhorn VMS Access loads new jobs directly into your ATS in just minutes from practically any vendor management system. Fill jobs before the competition even sees the job order.

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Email Integration

Seamless Integration with Gmail and Outlook So You Can Do More, Faster

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Bullhorn for Email integrates Bullhorn seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook so that you can view your email inbox directly within your Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System. 

Easily parse in CVs, add notes, and create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails. See the latest info about your candidates while in your inbox, and with a single click, access a sender’s full contact record from an email by jumping to Bullhorn.

LinkedIn Recruiter Integration

Streamlined Workflow, Reduced Clicks, and Continuously Updated Information

Bullhorn has provided the industry’s first staffing-specific CRM integration with LinkedIn Recruiter.

From Bullhorn
View candidates’ or clients’ LinkedIn records.

From LinkedIn Recruiter
See if the contact’s record is in Bullhorn, and if so, click to view that record in Bullhorn.

This integration streamlines a recruitment consultant’s workflow, reduces clicks, and provides a up-to-date view of candidate information.


Turn Activity into Insight

Bullhorn’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to turn your team’s recruitment activity data into business insight.

Standard reports include analysis of overall team and individual recruitment consultant performance, placement activity, activity against specific job orders, candidate touches and sourcing effectiveness, and more.

Bullhorn also allows you to create configurable reports tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.

Mobile Recruitment Software

Connect with Candidates Anytime, Anywhere

Today's recruiters are fast-paced and always on-the-go. Your recruitment software should be built to keep up with you and make your job easier.

Bullhorn’s mobile recruitment software lets you view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time.

Enter data into your applicant tracking system immediately after candidate meetings so no detail escapes you.

Having Bullhorn Mobile in my back pocket is a huge benefit for my book of business. With all of my information right there at my fingertips, I am always ahead of the curve and our competition!
Paul Sabatino Harmer Consultants

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Passive Activity Tracking

Never Miss a Conversation

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System automates the time-consuming tasks that take up hours in your day.

Bullhorn works behind the scenes to track all your email activity with a candidate or client so that you will never miss a conversation. With real time updates to your record, you always have a complete view of your interactions and relationships.

By harnessing the latest technology and capturing valuable data, Bullhorn is able to deliver tools that empower recruiters to work faster and smarter.

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Create and Find Candidates Quickly


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Save Time & Reduce Errors

Boost efficiency and reduce clicks by leveraging Bullhorn’s parsing engine to extract information – no matter where you find it – to pre-populate fields in Bullhorn job, contact, and candidate records.

Candidate Search

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Find the Right Candidates

With Bullhorn’s “fast find” search bar, Boolean logic, advanced keyword search, and prioritisation of results based on relevance and recency, you can build a qualified shortlist in no time at all. For even more time savings, customise and configure list views and save your favourite searches.

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Work Faster and Smarter

Make better decisions, improve productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

The Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is built to scale without limitation and to address the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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With Bullhorn, I’ve seen an upswing in covering jobs faster and more efficiently. I can absolutely say we’ve experienced an increase in customers and positions.
Jason Chagnon Masiello Employment

Bullhorn’s powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system lets you manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface – from a desktop or mobile device, on any Internet browser, on a Mac or PC. From job submission to candidate placement, the Bullhorn recruitment CRM eliminates wasted time on manual data entry, streamlining the end-to-end recruitment process and enabling your team to move faster and work smarter. Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM empowers recruitment professionals to:

  •         Automatically track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
  •         Integrate sales and recruitment activity to help close jobs faster.
  •         Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruitment consultant activity.
  •         Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members.

Bullhorn provides the most comprehensive recruitment CRM for managing recruitment consultants' workflow, allowing recruitment teams to be extremely agile and move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.

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