Sales clarity

Gain clarity of how every team and individual in your business is performing in real-time so you understand what is likely to happen and what can be done to improve the outcome.

Maximise performance

Achieve strategic goals faster while reducing burnout and wasted effort by leveraging actionable insights to ensure staff time is spent on the most valuable tasks.

Improve client value

Build long-term relationships with clients while increasing the profit generated from them by automatically identifying revenue opportunities that will improve the value.

Desk-Level Insights

Every person has direct access to personalized data to support strategic decision making and autonomy in achieving business objectives.


Self-Serve Reporting

Breaks down barriers to success by neutralizing the lag between needing data and acting on it.


Bullhorn Adoption

Actionable insights show users how adding data to Bullhorn will help them quickly generate additional revenue.


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Success Story: Marks Sattin

Marks Sattin’s ability to execute on its strategic goals was being hampered by its existing technology. Years of under-investment were starting to catch up with them.

Time Saved

Frustration Reduced

Bullhorn came up consistently with positive feedback on support, ease of use, and the ability to integrate with their other technology. The tipping point for choosing Bullhorn over vendors such as Mercury XRM was Bullhorn’s superior UI, support capabilities, and investment in research and development.

It’s like getting out of a Prius and into a Porsche.
Alastair Paterson Commercial Director, Marks Satin

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