Reduce Candidate Dropout

Deliver an intuitive, mobile-optimised candidate onboarding experience to reduce drop-out drastically by tailoring the onboarding process and eliminating manual or duplicate paperwork.

Speed Up Time-to-Revenue

Get candidates on assignment faster and speed up time-to-revenue by removing manual processes, automating tedious tasks and increasing accurate, on-time completion with just a few clicks in the ATS.

Meet Complex Regulations

Meet government, client, and agency compliance standards, with the ability to customise documentation, redact sensitive documents, and keep required forms up-to-date.

Mobile Optimisation

Deliver an intuitive onboarding experience to drastically reduce drop-out by tailoring the onboarding process and eliminating manual or duplicate paperwork.

Onboarding docs - ONB365

Smart Rules For Automation

Never build a document packet for a candidate again with Smart Rules applied to all documents.


Meet Compliance Standards

Maintain up-to-date documentation, gather control requirements with a robust rules engine, and restrict data access.


Custom Forms

Build or upload custom forms to meet Government and client-specific onboarding requirements.


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Since we've implemented Bullhorn Onboarding, we've successfully shortened the time between placement and start from days to just hours. It's invaluable to have a branded solution that not only improves the candidate and client experience but also saves us so much time!
Rolf Kramer Kranect

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