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Why Does Your Agency Need an Applicant Tracking System?

Your agency might use a database to keep track of its candidates, but its design can be cumbersome and unorganised. A database simply doesn't provide all the resources your agency needs in order to find the best talent.

When it comes to interacting with candidates for open positions, an applicant tracking system is an absolute must. The best applicant tracking system has a robust structure and an ease of use that can streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal.

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Key Differentiators of the Best Applicant Tracking System

Candidate Engagement

The candidate experience is a high priority in today's recruitment landscape, and the best applicant tracking system enables its users to create positive interactions with candidates at every touch-point.

Applicant tracking capabilities should allow you to not only easily connect with active candidates by posting on job boards, social networks, and career portals, but also reach out to passive candidates in your database to find the perfect match for each job order.

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Email Integration

Don't waste your time switching between different windows to perform your everyday recruitment functions. With email integrated directly into an applicant tracking system, you can increase your company's productivity by allowing your recruiters to get more done faster.

The best applicant tracking system for your agency has an email integration that not only allows you to send and receive emails from within your ATS, but also tracks all your email activity so that you will never miss a conversation.

Advanced Searching and Matching Capabilities

With features like advanced keyword search and Boolean logic, the best applicant tracking system can make filling your jobs simple. Searching within your own system should be quick and easy, and the ideal candidates, jobs, contacts and companies should be evident in your results.

The most relevant and recent results should be prioritised, and you should be able to save favourite searches in order to increase your agency's applicant tracking efficiency.

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