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These days, recruitment consultants are flooded with CVs. Some of them are good, some of them are great, but a lot of them are just plain bad. Even if someone has years of experience, he or she may not necessarily be able to spell, organise information well, or accurately judge what is best left out of the job seeking process (for instance, there’s no need to highlight one’s involvement in a Star Trek enthusiast club unless it’s somehow relevant to the job).

CVs are great indicators of each of these types of things (and so much more), but combing through CVs manually can be a highly time-consuming process for recruitment consultants, who want to make sure they don’t overlook a perfect candidate-job match. Bullhorn has found a solution to this problem, though, with its CV tracking database.

The Bullhorn CV Tracking Database:

  • Allows CVs to be searched and sorted based on a variety of criteria
  • Enables CV tracking
  • Makes CV parsing easy
  • Highlights the best candidates in relation to a given job

Recruitment consultants can easily type in a few key phrases and receive a detailed list of closest-match candidates! Bullhorn’s CV tracking software is a fast, efficient, and highly useful tool that works the way recruitment consultants work.

If you are a recruitment consultant and not currently using Bullhorn’s recruitment and CV tracking databases, you should be.

By using Bullhorn’s CV tracking database, you’ll:

  • Save time
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Match candidates with the most suitable opportunities for their skill sets
  • Meet client requests faster and with better candidate matches

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