Running as One with Hallis


We’ve spoken to thousands of recruitment professionals about the obstacles that impact their success as a business, and one of the most common themes was driving user adoption and transparency across teams. But in the face of ongoing digital transformation, increasing global expansion and mobility, how can recruitment businesses unify teams and ensure continuous high performance?

Run as one with Bullhorn and adopt a unified approach to your team, platform, and data. We recently caught up with Angela Stringer, Chief Commercial Officer from Hallis, to speak about how they’ve been able to achieve just that.

Create a Single Source of Truth

You might think ‘What does a single source of truth really mean?’ It’s the ability to align the different systems in your tech stack to give your team a single platform of trusted data. There’s no chance of any misalignment between different departments chasing required information as the data is available on one platform for all teams to use. From the outset, being on one system was critical to Hallis.

“There’s been no one that has come into the business and had any real challenge”

Hallis uses Bullhorn as their single source of truth, and has improved their cross-team collaboration and transparency across all offices. Angela notes, ‘Bullhorn’s many capabilities and search functionality makes it easy for the team to cooperate.’ For new team members at Hallis, being on a single platform is especially helpful. They’re able to easily adapt. ‘There hasn’t been anyone who has come in to the business and had any real challenge mastering their space within Bullhorn. Our team can access the same platform at any time to see what they need all in one place’, notes Angela. 

Make The Most of Integrations

We know recruitment consultants will have different needs than management, and management will have different needs than your finance team. Hallis has been able to cater to all these separate requirements by making the most of a range of Bullhorn Marketplace Partners pre-built integrations including Astute Payroll, cube19 and idibu.

Integrations such as Astute Payroll, allows Hallis to combine all important assets in one place, making the process seamless and transparent. Angela says, ‘This is a big advantage for our team as we can’t afford for our system to crash or for the data to be questionable. The moment you start to put data into one system and then have to take it to another system, you are putting the validity and accuracy of that data at risk’. Angela observes the teams across Hallis doesn’t have this problem. ‘At Hallis, Astute Payroll integrates directly and seamlessly into Bullhorn. Both systems are deeply embedded and remain accessible in the business – key to our technology infrastructure’, says Angela. Looking to the future, Angela and the Hallis team will continue exploring the Bullhorn Marketplace discovering new partners to add to their existing tech stack and continue running as one solid enterprise.


About Hallis

Established in 1989, Hallis has widely expanded with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane delivering services across Australia. The company has a strong reputation for its expertise in the provision of managed services, human resources and workforce management. Hallis offers services in contractor management, service desk management, temporary and permanent recruitment and payrolling solutions with expertise across the breadth of industry sectors.

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