Welche Recruiting Trends beschäftigen Personalvermittlungsagenturen 2018? (Umfrage)

Recruiting Trends Umfrage Personalvermittler 2018

Are you an expert working in the HR services industry? Then we are looking forward to your opinion!

Every year we ask recruiting experts around the world where they are and what they will occupy in the coming time. We ask for your opinion on current recruiting topics; what are the main challenges, priorities, opportunities, goals, predictions and much more! For the first time this year, the survey will also take place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And of course your opinion shouldn’t be missing!

Unfortunately, the survey has already ended. Are you so excited about the results?

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The questions we want to answer this year include:

  • What are the priorities for recruiting experts and what challenges do they face in 2018?
  • How do your industry peers create an impressive customer experience and candidate experience, and how would you like to differ in the market?
  • What are recruitment agencies doing to prepare for market developments and new technological opportunities?

Based on the results of this survey, we compile a comprehensive report on the main trends in the market. A great opportunity to get a benchmark and see where others are and how they are preparing for the industry developments of the coming time.
Some striking results from our worldwide survey of more than 1400 recruiting experts include:

  • 70% expect the number of orders to grow
  • 52% will invest more in technology
  • 64% see the lack of skilled workers as the greatest challenge
  • 36% cite customer satisfaction as one of the three most important key figures

How is it in Germany? Read all about it in the now published recruiting trend study:

The recruiting trend report for the personnel services industry

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