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How Artificial Intelligence will create the ‘Super Recruiter’

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It is the year 2030 and R2C2, the first recruiting robot, is being introduced to the world. R2C2 is using artificial intelligence to make any human recruiter obsolete. In just nanoseconds R2C2 can find the perfect candidate for a job wherever he or she is hiding. R2C2 uses complex algorithms to do advanced machine learning analyses of work experience, healthcare background, skills and personality match. All with the goal to teleport the perfect candidate right to your desk by just thinking of this job requirements. Only a few human recruiters have escaped the claws of R2C2 and are now fighting back under the flag of the ‘Recruitment Revolution’.

Augmented Recruiters

This may sound like a Hollywood blockbuster and, in fact, it is. Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword and with it we automatically think “The robots are coming”. But AI has been around for many many years. As a matter of fact, we are confronted with it every day as you can read here. I personally find the developments on Artificial Intelligence technology very interesting and I am a firm believer of two things in respect to AI:

  1. It will be another 80-100 years before AI will succeed in creating a mind of its own; an opinion or a personality like in the movie Her (if you haven’t seen it, watch it!). At this moment Artificial Intelligence could better be called Augmented Intelligence as there is still a large portion of human intelligence (or stupidity) involved.
  2. The human recruiter will not be obsolete anytime soon, but AI and innovative recruiting software will help him in becoming a so called Augmented Recruiter. This ‘Super Recruiter’ is combining his own human skills with the power of AI and machine learning to succeed in hiring the perfect candidate.
Connexys AI - Her

Connexys AI – Watch the trailer of the movie Her


As Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, I would say; Recruiters let’s embrace it! In this blog I would like to take you on a tour through some of the core processes of a modern recruiter and take a sneak peak into a future in which the ‘Super Recruiter’ could handle these processes with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Publish jobs

Traditionally speaking every process would start with an actual job, but then again, should that always be the case? Especially for staffing & recruiting agencies, working with a great candidate and finding his or her dream job would be just as important. Billions of megabytes of data on company information like corporate culture, hiring trends and other employees working there could be analyzed by AI telling the recruiter on multiple criteria which company would match this candidate most and why. Let’s see that as a sales pitch with a new prospect when introducing them Mr. or Mrs. Perfect.

Now let’s get back to the actual job. Writing a job description can be a challenge, it needs to persuade a candidate to apply. Based on machine learning on past job descriptions and marketing analysis AI will help the recruiter in writing a spot on job description, letting the human do the final judgement on the tone of voice verbally speaking.

Jobs need to be posted in the right places to get the best exposure of your job, and that does not mean pushing it to as many job boards as possible. Artificial Intelligence is more than capable to suggest the right sources for this particular job based on complex algorithms analysing hit ratios and market trends to get your job exactly where the right candidates are.

Search & Match

Publish, post and pray, that’s one way of looking at it from a recruiter’s perspective … However ‘If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’. We search in our own database and on social platforms but there are so many more places to look. Because of the connected planet the whole world will be your recruiting playground.

As mentioned before, Artificial Intelligence processed large numbers of company information already, why not combine it with our job description to find the right candidates. And while doing so also analyse dozens of persons data. The same company culture and market trends in hiring will tell you what candidates could fit the job and the company based on hard skills, values and soft skills. Maybe a large company is on the breach of bankruptcy so now is the time to approach their employees. Imagine working with assessments, imagine what this could do when machine learning analyses this data in finding the best skilled candidates.

Recruiting is people’s work

A smart ‘Super Recruiter’ will let Artificial Intelligence do all the time consuming work to come up with a candidate short list that took many things into account. Even things a recruiter would not have thought of. However, in the end, recruiting is people’s work. You have to look a candidate in the eyes and speak to him or her to really get the feeling if this could be a perfect match. This is something AI cannot  do (yet) and will definitely be a human factor within the recruiting process for many years to follow.

Hire & Keep

Even after hiring Artificial Intelligence will become very relevant. Keeping track of your internal employees is just as important as getting new ones in. Analysing all these chunks of data why employees leave companies or switch departments are a vital part of the recruiting process. What to think of all opinions you find on social platforms about good and bad employership. You want to make sure to reach out to your employee with a perfect new challenge, just in time before him or her leaving your company. Algorithms will be your biggest help in keeping your employees happy. By really getting to know them and understanding their needs!

What will the future bring?

Unfortunately I am no fortune teller and my guess is as good as anyone else’s. Otherwise I would not be writing this blog but sitting in the Caribbean sun, drinking a cocktail and counting my billions at the Cayman islands. So therefore it is just one big guess to predict what Artificial Intelligence actually will bring to the recruitment domain. But I do think AI will bring a ‘Recruitment Revolution’ which requires us ‘Super Recruiters’ to adapt to the new possibilities with AI. In the end it will make the job of recruiters much more fun, focussing on what really matters; personal interaction and having happy customers and candidates. And that is, and will be, human Intelligence in the end …

Connexys AI - Salesforce Einstein

Connexys and AI

During Dreamforce 2016 Salesforce announced Salesforce Einstein, bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Salesforce platform. Connexys is part of the Salesforce eco-system, so we are looking forward to experience what Einstein can do for our Connexys Recruitment Software and where we can embed Artificial Intelligence into our application…