Four Ways a Recruitment CRM Can Help Small Recruiting Agencies

Large-scale recruiting firms have long known the benefits of utilizing a recruitment CRM in order to manage a large influx of job seekers, monitor recruiters’ interaction with applicants, and maintain a vibrant and robust pipeline of vetted, qualified candidates.  In Bullhorn’s North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 89% of respondents consider recruiting technology such as recruitment CRMs to be important or very important to their firms’ success for 2014.  However, recruiting start-ups and smaller firms hesitate when deciding to adopt a recruitment CRM.  Usability, customization, and ROI are all concerns when you’re considering a recruitment CRM for your recruiting firm.  So why is the right CRM so important (regardless of the size of your company) and how can smaller recruiting firms benefit?

  1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity – Within a smaller staffing firm, manpower is at a premium, and reducing the time-to-fill is invaluable.  The right CRM provides features such as resume parsing, email integration, and task generation.  By delivering a fully-automated system and eliminating the need for time-consuming data entry, recruiters spend less time on data entry and more time filling open positions.
  2. Improved candidate experience – Much has been said within the industry about how fostering a positive applicant experience can lead to a higher caliber of candidate, but how can a smaller staffing firm establish that presence?  The best recruitment CRMs provide an easy-to-use platform for both the recruiter and the candidate.  Friendly front-end usability eliminates road blocks between you and your candidates and improves the overall image of your employment brand.
  3. Competitive advantage – What is the differentiating factor between successful recruiting firms and those who fail?  Effective and profitable recruiters have a pipeline of qualified candidates ready to fill a position at a moment’s notice.  A recruitment CRM goes beyond merely tracking an applicant through the hiring process and allows a recruiter to manage relationships with qualified individuals in order to build bench strength.  Quicker and easier communications ensure a stellar candidate hears from you first.
  4. Scalability for the future – Those who invest in a recruitment CRM benefit from a system that is built with the future in mind.  When choosing the right recruitment CRM, you should focus on not only ensuring the system works for you in-the-moment, but also on ensuring that it’s flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen necessities down the road.  Customization and smooth integration offer a built-in insurance so that whatever successes and growth you experience, your recruitment CRM adapts to meet your needs.

Finding the right applicant tracking system to support your staffing firm and help it grow can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help you through the process.  Feel free to learn more about Bullhorn’s full range of product offerings, including our ATS/CRM, back office, and social recruiting software.  And check out our case studies and customer testimonials to learn more about if Bullhorn is a fit for your business!

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