2 Simple Tips For Making Your Client Interactions Stickier

For many recruiters, it’s feast or famine. But that doesn’t have to be your fate. Like a grubby-handed grade-schooler, the more fingerprints you can leave on your client, and the better your client interactions, the more consistency you can enjoy in your cash flow.

Keeping pristine records, and expanding your line of services can help stave-off the hunger-pangs that come with the ebb and flow of life as an agency recruiter.

Keep Better Records

Track your conversations in email and on social media so you have more traction in your follow-up. Keeping your facts straight can give you m-ore leverage in your relationship with a client.

“We have a record of every email, so we can review with the client, ‘Here’s when you submitted the job order, here is where we changed the job description per your specifications.’ It is instrumental in running our firm,” says Dallas Otterlee, an executive recruiter with Pinnacle Search Partners.

Whether you need to resolve a dispute with a client, or prove your value to a corporation, tracking client correspondence with your recruitment CRM puts you at an advantage.

Don’t Just Fill Jobs

Don’t just fill jobs. Become a consultant. Your clients probably don’t use an agency to fill every single opening, and recruiting for their business is only a fraction of their responsibility. Use your expertise at finding the best talent to help your client fill general openings at their company. Recommend a great tool for their HR generalist, consult with them on managing their hiring process. Become a resource they’ll automatically turn to even when they’re not looking for a new executive.

The more ways you can fold yourself into your client’s business, the more business will come through your door.

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