What I’m Learning at Bullhorn Live 2009

As a relatively new member of the Bullhorn team, I’ve been really looking forward to Bullhorn Live. It’s a great time to meet a ton of users face to face and to hear more about what they like about Bullhorn, what they don’t and what additional problems we could help them solve. Not to mention the fact that Las Vegas is a lot warmer and sunnier than Boston these days! Yesterday, I helped Art Papas show customers some of the new things we’re working on and the response has been tremendous. Long-time Bullhorn users are excited to see us enhancing the calendar, and I’ve lost count of the number of customers interested in working with us to bring a VMS integration solution to market. Customers are really looking forward to leveraging SMS and Voice over IP to communicate with candidates as well. Lots of people have been coming up to me to talk about new ideas for Bullhorn, and at my breakout, we ran an interactive session to solicit and vote on product ideas. I’ll post the full results after today’s session, but some of the common themes emerging are:

  • Mobility. People are excited to hear we’re making progress with Blackberries and are looking for more ways to update Bullhorn while they’re out of the office. More on that in the coming months…
  • Bullhorn Mail. Customers want to leverage our integrated front office solution as much as possible for communications, especially now that outbound marketing is increasing in importance. I’ll be looking more closely at this in the near future.
  • Keeping up. We’ve delivered a lot of new functionality over the past 12 months, and we’re not done yet. Customers want help understanding how these new capabilities can be integrated into their day-to-day work, something Bullhorn Live Campus and our planned certification program should help address.

I’m looking forward to bringing many of these great conversations back to our development team after the conference closes.

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