Jeff Taylor Gets It Right Again. Almost!

I saw Jeff Taylor of Monster fame deliver a keynote at NACCB today. Regardless of your opinion on Jeff’s views over the years, I found his remarks today about how technology is going to change the staffing and recruiting industry to be spot on, almost. In fact, if you were at Staffing World, or ever had the pleasure to hear the dynamic Danny Cahill, then you can’t mistake an inescapable fact – the Internet is not just revolutionizing sourcing candidates through job boards, a common industry misconception, but more importantly changing the entire sourcing and placement life cycle.

Jeff’s presentation focused on the impact of social networking, i.e. Facebook, mySpace, his own social networking site for baby boomers (Eons), and how recruiters and sales teams connect and collaborate with candidates and clients. Places that don’t necessarily touch the job boards. It all sounded like something that Bullhorn talks about, if you pardon the self-indulgence, “Connect. Synchronize. Place.” But Jeff missed an important point. Everyone knows the power of the Internet is in its vastness, but therein lies its potential weakness. Unless you take a structured and collaborative approach to harness the relationships and knowledge that is the electrical current of the Internet, you lose your focus, time and money. It’s almost like the television show, “The Amazing Race,” battling to win the $1 million prize but without the clues and the teamwork. And that is exactly where Bullhorn comes in. As an On Demand, integrated front office, Bullhorn provides the structure (the underlying database and workflow, i.e. ATS, Job Management, and most importantly customer relationship management system) and collaboration (integrated email, tasks, notes, activities and calendar) to harness the knowledge of what you find on the Internet to apply exactly to a candidate’s or client’s needs.

Bullhorn takes this one step further, it self-creates a history of all of your key relationships, i.e. candidates, contacts, colleagues and clients, so that over time you know exactly what you need to look for when you search for candidates through that vast Internet domain. Yes, social networks are all the rage and we whole-heartedly agree, just read our latest research report on “Making Most of the New Tools” to source candidates. But without the complement of an On Demand, integrated front office, there is no harnessed knowledge that drastically cuts the time needed to make that match. Think of it another way, using some common sense. Bullhorn is On Demand, totally Web-based (the only one in the industry by the way) and, as a result, available at anytime and anyplace. Isn’t that the Internet?

So if you believe the Internet is revolutionizing the industry, then the way you leverage technology, strategically, has to be Internet-based from end-to-end. And that’s why our customers recently passed the threshold of executing 200 million plus staffing and recruiting transactions per month on Bullhorn. That’s a very large number. Till the next time.

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