Maximize Your Recruiting Activity with S Release

Maintaining a high level of activity is beneficial for recruiters both inside and outside of the office. While the way to increase activity outside of the office is as simple as exercising, the way to increase your recruiting activity inside the office isn’t quite as simple.

When working in their recruitment CRM recruiters follow certain processes for particular tasks – whether it’s searching for candidates, making notes after an interview, parsing a resume into your system or something else. However, if they are using outdated recruiting software, the process can be slow and recruiters can wind up spending unnecessary time performing these tasks. With Bullhorn S Release, recruiters can reduce the amount of clicks they perform by up to 60%. While fewer clicks may only seem like a few seconds at a time, those seconds add up and can amount to a significant amount of time throughout your work weeks. This time can be better spent submitting more candidates and ultimately increasing your chances of successfully making a placement.

Daniel Guelzo of Optomi was blown away by his recruiters’ level of activity after adopting Bullhorn S Release. “I track our Bullhorn activity metrics. On S Release, we hit our highest activity ever,” said Guelzo. The speed of S Release is one thing that really stands out to users, as has the power to search 100 million candidates in just half a second. This has not gone unnoticed by Guelzo, who called it “lightning fast, very intuitive.”  (Read our case study on Optomi’s adoption of S Release)

Growing your agency will inevitably entail hiring additional recruiters, but getting new hires up to speed can be a major bottleneck in receiving maximum activity.  Consequently, having recruiting software with an intuitive workflow is essential to getting new hires up to speed in a timely manner. Guelzo added, “we’ve had people who haven’t even worked at a staffing agency before be able to pick up the tool almost instantly.” The benefits of utilizing easy-to-use recruiting software don’t end at user adoption, though. Ease of use also means fewer mistakes being made and getting fixed, as well as less time spent reaching out to customer support to figure something out.

Increased activity will ultimately lead to more candidate submissions, more placements, and therefore more revenue. If you would like to see firsthand how Bullhorn S Release can help your company increase recruiting activity, improve user adoption, and increase placements as a result, fill out this form and one of our dedicated representatives will be in touch.

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