Santa Needs Elves: Effective Recruitment Processes

recruitment procceses

‘Twas the month before Christmas and Santa’s smartphone was bleeping madly. By the hundreds, his elven workforce were calling in sick. Doctor Snow had signed them off with polaritis – a nasty virus that keeps polar elves sniffing in bed for weeks.

“What on earth are we to do, Mrs Claus?” Santa groaned, “millions of good, little children won’t get their presents this Christmas if there are no elves well enough to make them!” He huffed and puffed and sneezed and wheezed. Mrs Claus just smiled and patted him on the back. “Don’t worry my dear. I got you Bullhorn for Christmas. I think it’s time we put it to work.”

In the factory office, Mrs Claus showed Santa how Bullhorn works. “It’s a recruitment CRM, so fast it makes Donner and Blitzen look sluggish, and we both know how speedily they zoom around the night skies!”

Santa sat mesmerised, as Mrs Claus showed him how Bullhorn would save their Christmas.

“Remember when we took our summer holiday? Well, while we were sipping snowballs in the sun, our Data Fairies were hard at work with the lovely people from Bullhorn, taking care of our data migration. By the time we got home, every last detail was in the Bullhorn system, clean and ready to go.”

“Then, because we have such a large number of seasonal elves employed by our workshops, we decided to integrate VMS Access with Bullhorn recruitment CRM, to ease our recruitment processes. It’s perfect for mass recruitment needs like ours. So, turn that frown upside down, Santa! We’re going to send out that job order, right this instant!”

Here are two top reasons that convinced Mrs Claus to invest in Bullhorn VMS Access integration:

1. Bullhorn VMS Access saves Santa time

New jobs load into Bullhorn within minutes. There’s no need to cut and paste VMS requisitions into the CRM system repeatedly; it’s all done automatically. Santa’s favourite elf employment consultants will receive his requisition immediately, so they can get to work sourcing new helpers in the flick of a reindeer’s tail.recruitment processes

Then, as soon as the job order is filled, Santa will receive a status update, telling him to stop hiring, because all the new elves have been found and are on their way to the North Pole. It’s time to shake that snow off the welcome mat.

2. Bullhorn VMS Access extends Santa’s reach

We know that the polar elves are dropping like presents down a good child’s chimney, but there are lots of elves all over the world who’d be thrilled to have a few extra pennies in their pocket with some temporary work over Christmas. VMS Access gets Santa’s job order out to all appropriate recruiters, worldwide. It’s faster than a flash of Rudolph’s bright, red nose.

An added bonus: VMS Access extends Santa’s reach even further, by connecting him with over forty leading vendor management systems. Wherever they are, from Reykjavik to Rio, Bullhorn VMS Access will source the very best elves for Santa’s needs.

So ho, ho, ho, and there we go. Christmas has been saved, thanks to Mrs Claus and her wise investment in Bullhorn CRM. Santa’s only concern now is what else goes on at the Pole when he’s on his summer holiday.

To find out more about Bullhorn VMS Access integration, please click here.

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