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At the Travel Talent Company, there are four commandments:

  1.      Use thy Bullhorn,
  2.       Understand thy client,
  3.       Attract and engage thy talent,human-resources-thinkstock-100534557-primary.idge
  4.       Place people in the right seats.


Commandment 1: Use thy Bullhorn

Travel Talent uses Bullhorn 24/7.


Commandment 2: Understand thy client

To attract the perfect candidate, you must first know the client. Travel Talent uses Bullhorn analytics to get inside the heads of the employers they work with and understand exactly what they’re looking to attract in an employee. Some Bullhorn tools that help Travel Talent to understand their clients include:

  • Bullhorn’s Data-Driven Analytics
    Travel Talent recruiters use these to learn which clients are the most profitable and why.
  • The Placement Funnel Report
    This report shows where clients get stuck. If a pattern shows repeated client behaviour that prevents placement, the Travel Talent recruiter knows that it’s time for a client conversation. You can’t attract or source the best talent if the client isn’t singing from the same hymn sheet.  
  • Bullhorn PulseBullhorn Pulse Travel Talent monitors the health of client relationships with Bullhorn Pulse. Working with Bullhorn’s email tracking system, Bullhorn Pulse mines email communication for insight, providing easy visibility into this level of client engagement.

Commandment 3: Attract and engage thy talent

Bullhorn rises to the occasion again. Travel Talent is a travel business, so its candidates are on the move around the globe. The Bullhorn tools that help them keep pace include:

  • Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, which identifies both active and passive candidates. With fast find, advanced keywords, and easy capabilities, Bullhorn finds the perfect occupants for its clients’ vacant seats.  
  • Bullhorn Mobile which ensure that Travel Talent’s recruiters reach the right candidate, no matter when or where the connection is made.
  • Bullhorn’s LinkedIn Recruiter integration updates Travel Talent recruiters in real-time with prime candidates’ movements. Changes in geography, skill set and experience are all visible. Engagement across time zones is easy.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter also allows Travel Talent to achieve weekly targets of placing expert articles in LinkedIn’s travel recruitment forums. Candidates see that they’re dealing with a company that’s in the know.
  • Bullhorn Recruitment CRM ensures that no conversations are missed. Email integration makes sure of that. When candidates don’t have to wait for a response, they’re easily attracted and happier to engage.
LinkedIn Integration

Commandment 4: Place people in the right seats

By following the first three commandments, Travel Talent attracts and engages with the perfect candidates. New hires are invited to take their seats and travel forward with their client. Job done.

As they say at Travel Talent, talent is what we promise and talent is what you’ll get. With Bullhorn, attracting talent is easy every step of the way.

To find out more about Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, please click here.

And to discover how Bullhorn’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter can call your recruits aboard, follow this link.

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