Staffing Is a Sprint, Not a Marathon

Forget the old adage. Slow and steady loses the race.

In staffing, your ability to win and fill job orders comes down to speed. Contrary to the common cliché, staffing is a race made up of daily sprints, not a long-term marathon. Recruiters cross proverbial “finish lines” every day, with the prize being placements. What place are you in?

As a recruiter, your success is tied to your ability to find qualified candidates faster than the competition. The ultimate staffing “race” is won by consistently out-sprinting the competition each and every day.  This is not to say, however, that relationship building is a waste of time. Quite the contrary. Recruiters that actively grow and engage their network to create strong relationships are like runners who wear high-quality shoes that are built to last – you don’t want your gear, or your accounts, falling apart after a single event.

From the 2014 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, we saw that the average fill rate in the industry was 46%. That means that companies weren’t able to fill more than half of their job orders. Among other reasons, many recruiters were losing their daily sprints because they didn’t have access to the best tools in the industry. Bullhorn’s S-Release, the newest version of the leading ATS/CRM, is built for speed – reducing clicks and helping recruiters fill more jobs faster.

In staffing, setting a long-term marathon pace (status quo) and maintaining it will prevent you from beating your competitors day-to-day. The most successful recruiters are focused on what their competition is doing, and their competitive advantage revolves around using the best technology and resources to be faster and more effective than everyone else.

Bullhorn is able to harness the superior speed needed in this industry, and S Release has perfected organizing and focusing that speed to how recruiters work. People using Bullhorn S Release are making 43% more placements than before, filling job orders faster than their competition.

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