April 2019 Product Release Highlights

Bullhorn Product Updates


April has arrived and so has the 2019.4 product release! Let’s explore the exciting upcoming product updates and enhancements Bullhorn users can expect to see in their Bullhorn instance by the end of the month.

The Mobile App Just Got Even Better

S Release and Novo

You may have heard we launched Bullhorn Mobile in March. Well, we’ve got more good news—users can now view Lead and Opportunity Records in Bullhorn Mobile, meaning you can work more effectively while on the go!


And it doesn’t stop there: When viewing and filtering a list of records, you’ll now be able to see how many filters have been applied and you can easily clear all filters at once with the new“Clear All” button.  This makes it even easier to search for records quickly and modify your search in just a few clicks.

Bullhorn Movile App Filter


Finally, when you’re waiting for a file to load – such as a CV – we’ve added a visual to show that the file is loading to provide peace of mind and added visibility.

Access Your Reports Faster

S Release

We’ve improved the performance of several reports that previously had performance issues when loading large data sets or wide date ranges. The Source Effectiveness Report, Placement Activity Report, and Recruiting Activity Report will now load more quickly, helping you to access your data more efficiently. Learn more about reporting with Bullhorn.

Client Documents Have Arrived!


Users can now create documents with specific fields assigned to contacts, assign and approve documents to contacts, send reminders to contacts to ensure timely completion, and see the status of a document sent to a contact.

This added functionality enables you to easily manage documents that involve both candidates and contacts from one online portal.  Now, you can manage even more of your paperwork electronically and reduce the need for manual data entry, saving time and resources! 

Client Documents Bullhorn Onboarding


Onboarding and Back Office Get a New Knowledge Base

Onboarding, Back Office

The knowledge base for Back Office and Onboarding has been updated to feature a new look and feel! You can access the new knowledge base via the Help button within Bullhorn Onboarding, or by searching for Onboarding on the Bullhorn Help page.

Administrators, employees, and managers can all access this new resource to get additional documentation and information about Bullhorn Onboarding, including a video tour, a guide to the recent product products, and instructions on managing records and documents within Bullhorn Onboarding.


Bullhorn Onboarding Help



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For a complete look at March’s product updates, please visit the S Release and Novo release notes.

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