Middle and Back Office Staffing Software

Save Time. Reduce Errors.

Automate all of your middle and back office tasks to lower costs by 75%, save time, and get paid faster. Bullhorn’s middle and back office solutions eliminate expensive and frustrating errors. Moving this part of your business online allows you to access your records anytime, anywhere.


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Time and Expense

Track an employee’s time without having to track down employees

back office staffing software

Time is money. Save hours every day by automating the time and expense entry and in turn, client approvals.

It’s simple. Contractors enter their information online so that you don’t have to. And giving clients and easy way to enter and approve time means that you’ll get approvals - and get paid - faster than ever.

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Capture Information Anywhere

All you need is internet access



Go Mobile

Contractors can enter hours in an easy-to-use web portal optimized for mobile devices, making the process straightforward and error-free.

VMS Timesheet Integration

Requiring candidates to enter their time in both a vendor management system (VMS) and a back office system creates a poor experience, and makes it challenging for your operations team to compare data in different systems. Bullhorn makes it easy for firms to import files from VMS solutions and ensures a high degree of accuracy.


Avoid errors and get paid faster

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With Bullhorn, attaching signed timesheets to invoices and emailing them to clients is easier than ever, helping your company avoid billing errors and get paid faster.

Choose between several invoice frequency options and customize parts of the process to support the varying demands of your clients.

You can even send multiple invoices at once. Accomplish more in less time by sending the invoice data to your accounting system automatically.


Pay with precision

How do you make sure that your commission plans are calculated consistently and accurately? Stop using spreadsheets. Bullhorn automates sales and recruiter commission plan calculations so you can spend less time crunching numbers.

Simplify the internal payroll process and avoid expenses incurred from accidentally paying too much. What’s more, you’ll increase employee satisfaction by ensuring that your team is compensated quickly and accurately.

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Start Automating Your Back Office Today

Bullhorn's middle and back office solutions minimize the pain of the paper chase, while streamlining manual, time-consuming activities and helping to eliminate expensive and frustrating errors.


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