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Eliminate paper processes

Bullhorn Onboarding is an electronic document management platform designed specifically for staffing firms, eliminating manual data entry and frustrating paper documents while providing a great candidate experience. Create as many forms as your clients demand, populate fields on forms automatically with job and candidate data, and provide an excellent candidate experience with a secure portal to complete and sign documents.


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What's New in Onboarding

We recently refreshed the Onboarding experience. Here's what you can find:

This is more than a product refresh. We’ve taken on customer feedback and been busy in the lab taking the onboarding product to the next level. We’re excited to announce the new version is available today, complete with:

  • Updated and streamlined user experience
  • All new document builder
  • Improved workflow for sending documents and approvals
  • Redesigned packet creation and administration
  • New Archive Document feature
  • Increased E-Verify visibility
  • New dashboard for monitoring document status
  • Enhanced mobile experience for candidates


Electronic New Hire Document Automation

When Speed Is Everything, Your Onboarding Process Shouldn’t Slow You Down

Bullhorn Onboarding software offers you control over your entire onboarding process through electronic document management and tracking.

The Bullhorn Onboarding tab within the Bullhorn ATS allows recruiters to send and track documents without interrupting their workflow. New documents are easy to upload and customize, and you can send them to your candidates early so that they can be ready to start as soon as they are placed. Create as many forms as your clients demand, automatically populate forms with placement and candidate data, and provide a secure login to a portal for electronic signatures and easy completion.

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Onboarding Process Tracking

A Centralized Onboarding View

Bullhorn Onboarding software centralizes all of the steps in the onboarding process through a secure online portal. This allows anyone in your firm with access to see exactly where a new hire is in the onboarding process.

By tracking the progress of each placement’s documents online, you can receive quick notifications about outstanding paperwork and easily send electronic reminders to candidates.

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With Bullhorn’s SSAE 16 Type II security audits, you and your candidates can be confident that sensitive personal data is handled properly

A Great Experience for Your Candidates

Recruiting is a competitive field, and you want to retain the best candidates. With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can ensure that your contractors enjoy the best candidate experience possible.

Bullhorn Onboarding software provides you with a customized online portal where your candidates can electronically sign and submit new hire paperwork, eliminating the need for them to print, scan, fax, or make a last-minute trip to your office.

Candidates receive electronic reminders if forms are incomplete, ensuring that their paperwork is entered on time.

Great Client Experience

Shorten the Time between Placement and Start



Since we've implemented Bullhorn Onboarding, we've successfully shortened the time between placement and start from days to just hours. It's invaluable to have a branded solution that not only improves the candidate and client experience but also saves us so much time!
Rolf Kramer Kranect

For staffing firms, having a multitude of customers comes with its own unique challenges. Individual clients may require custom offer letters, state-specific paperwork, forms for different office locations, and more.

With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can electronically create and deliver any document at any time. By mapping any of the data fields in the Bullhorn ATS to your documents for automatic data entry, you will save time for both you and your candidates. Create new hire paperwork on-demand and effectively shorten the time between placement and onboarding.

With the combination of Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding, you’ll be able to drastically reduce time spent creating customized paperwork and onboarding candidates, leaving your firm more time to build and strengthen your client relationships.

Secure Data Storage

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SSAE 16 Type II Audited

For staffing firms, handling a large amount of sensitive applicant data can be a daunting task, and data breaches are a serious concern in today’s online landscape. With Bullhorn Onboarding, gathering and storing applicant information is a streamlined and secure process. Bullhorn’s data centers are SSAE 16 Type II audited, so you know that your data is safe.

E-Verify Integration


Easy Verification

Verifying eligibility for employment is required by the government, and it is a burden that many firms carry. Bullhorn Onboarding lets you leverage E-Verify to quickly confirm that your candidate is eligible for U.S. employment.  With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can be confident that your firm is in compliance with local laws. Additionally, you can securely store your candidates’ eligibility information for easy access and auditing.

Electronic signatures in Onboarding are implemented according to regulatory standards. To learn more about electronic signature regulations and Bullhorn's approach to compliance, click here.

Bullhorn ATS Integration

Built Directly into Bullhorn Front Office


Why should recruiters have to leave their recruiting software to send and monitor electronic documents? Bullhorn Onboarding has an interface built directly into the Bullhorn ATS, allowing recruiters to send documents or document packets, monitor the status of those documents, and send reminders to candidates with the click of a button, and then save completed documents automatically to the ATS. The onboarding interface in the ATS has the same great user experience and ease of use that you have come to expect from Bullhorn.


Making the Business Case for Onboarding

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Bullhorn Onboarding lets you create as many new hire forms as your clients request, automatically populate contractor data, and offer a secure login to a portal and electronic signatures for easy form completion. Reduce new hire onboarding time by 60%.

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Instant Alliance Reduces Time Spent on Onboarding Process by 75% with Bullhorn
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