[UKI] Bullhorn Basics Webinar Series

Bullhorn Basics Webinar series

Let’s bring it back to the basics! Unlock the potential of the tools you have at your disposal by learning from the experts.

This series includes:

  • Episode 1 (20th July 2023) – Learn to search like an expert – Watch the recording
    No one likes a broken record, make your searches smooth and hassle free!
  • Episode 2 (10th August 2023) – 4 tips for new users – Watch the recording
    Find your way around the system and set it up to your preferences.
  • Episode 3 (24th August 2023) – Managing leads & opportunities – Watch the recording
    How to catch the opportunities and make them count
  • Episode 4 (7th September 2023) – Building blocks for Automation success – Watch the recording
    Ensure you are getting the most out of your automation
  • Episode 5 (21st September 2023) – Automation tips & tricks – Watch the recording
    Engage your contacts
  • Episode 6 (5th October 2023) – SourceBreaker & You! – Watch the recording
    Customise SourceBreaker and make it bespoke to you

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