Digital Transformation Definition

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of leveraging innovative technology to unlock new levels of productivity and truly transform the way businesses operate across their respective sales, recruiting, and operations functions. 

For recruitment agencies, digital transformation is a three-pronged journey that combines the digitisation of huge volumes of data, the automation of manual processes and, eventually, artificial intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest benefits of digital transformation?

Recruitment professionals overwhelmingly view digital transformation as an effective means to allocate more time to candidate and client relationships. By improving productivity and efficiency, respondents aim to spend more time providing a human touch. Instead of removing humanity from the industry, technology like AI and machine learning represent the best opportunity to reinsert and recenter humanity into the business.

What technology is required for digital transformation?

While digital transformation is a broad term encompassing many kinds of transformative technology, the technology most associated with the term is automation, digitisation, and AI/machine learning. 2,100+ global staffing professionals were asked the technology they most associate with digital transformation and these were the resul

  1. Automation (39%)
  2. Digitisation (16%)
  3. AI and Machine Learning (14%)

That said, there is no official requirement or mandated approach. Ultimately, digital transformation is about using innovative technology to transform your business for the better, and there are many paths to get there.

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