Applicant Tracking System

Work faster and smarter

Make better decisions, improve sales and recruiter productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

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The Fastest Applicant Tracking System on the Market

Streamline Candidate Management from Sourcing to Submittal

Save time and improve productivity

Delivered via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, the Bullhorn applicant tracking system is 40% faster than comparable systems and can help recruiters generate up to 43% more placements.

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Automate the Entire Recruiting Lifecycle

Use These Solutions to Extend the Capabilities of Your Applicant Tracking System

Shorten the Time between Placement and Start

Create as many forms as your clients demand, automatically populate job and candidate data fields, and provide an excellent candidate experience with a secure portal to complete and sign documents, all directly within the Bullhorn applicant tracking system.

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End the Paper Chase

Time is money. Provide a consistently excellent employee experience with Bullhorn Back Office, which helps you manage your time and expense, invoicing, and commissions all in one place. Save hours every day by avoiding manual data entry.

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Compete and Win on VMS Business

No more copy and paste. Bullhorn VMS Access loads new jobs directly into your applicant tracking system in just minutes from practically any vendor management system. Fill jobs before the competition even sees the job order.

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Engage Your Team Like Never Before

Use SalesDuel to motivate your teams by gamifying CRM and everyday activities. SalesDuel combines total transparency with a familiar fantasy sports-like experience to ignite competition, build stronger teams and incentive success.

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Close the Loop between Recruiting and Sales

With Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, your entire organization can accurately forecast pipeline and revenue growth. You can also increase adoption of your front office systems and gain visibility into your clients’ changing business needs.

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Mobile Recruiting

Connect with Candidates Anytime, Anywhere

Your interactions with candidates don't take place in a single location, and you shouldn't be confined to work in one.

Bullhorn mobile recruiting software lets you view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time.

Enter data into your applicant tracking system immediately after candidate meetings so no detail escapes you.


Having Bullhorn Mobile in my back pocket is a huge benefit for my book of business. With all of my information right there at my fingertips, I am always ahead of the curve and our competition!
Paul Sabatino Harmer

Bullhorn Mobile

Passive Activity Tracking

Never Miss a Conversation

Recruiters can’t afford to miss conversations with candidates, and with Bullhorn’s passive activity tracking, they never will.

The system automatically tracks all email activity associated with a particular candidate record and updates that record in real time, offering a complete view of your candidate interactions and relationships.

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Email Integration

Seamless Integration with Gmail and Outlook So You Can Do More, Faster

bullhorn for email

Bullhorn for Email integrates the Bullhorn ATS seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook so that you can view your email inbox directly within Bullhorn. 

Easily parse in resumes, add notes, and create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails. See the latest info about your candidates while in your inbox, and access a sender’s full contact record from an email by jumping to Bullhorn with a single click.


Turn Activity into Insight

Bullhorn’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to turn your team’s recruiting activity data into business insight.

Standard reports include analysis of overall team and individual recruiter performance, placement activity, activity against specific job orders, candidate touches and sourcing effectiveness, and more.

You can also create configurable reports tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.

Industry-Leading Applicant Tracking Software

LinkedIn Recruiter Integration

Streamlined Workflow, Reduced Clicks, and Continuously Updated Information

Bullhorn has provided the industry’s first staffing-specific applicant tracking system integration with LinkedIn Recruiter.

From Bullhorn
View candidates’ or clients’ LinkedIn records.

From LinkedIn Recruiter
See if the contact’s record is in Bullhorn, and if so, click to view that record in Bullhorn.

This integration streamlines a recruiter’s workflow, reduces clicks, and provides a continuously up-to-date view of candidate information.

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Create and Find Candidates Quickly

Web Data Capture

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Forget Copy and Paste

Bullhorn’s Accelerator allows you to easily capture information from the Web and immediately add it into Bullhorn. Using Bullhorn’s free Google Chrome extension, you’ll simply click the Bullhorn icon and have the option to update or add candidates, contacts, or jobs.


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Save Time & Reduce Errors

Increase your efficiency and reduce clicks by leveraging Bullhorn’s parsing engine to extract information – no matter where you find it – to pre-populate fields in Bullhorn candidate, contact, and job records.

Candidate Search

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Find the Right Candidates

With Bullhorn’s “fast find” search bar, Boolean logic, advanced keyword search, and prioritization of results based on relevance and recency, you can build a qualified shortlist in no time at all. Customize and configure list views and save your favorite searches for even more time savings.

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Work Faster and Smarter

Make better decisions, improve sales and recruiter productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

The Bullhorn applicant tracking system is built to scale without limitation and address the needs of businesses of all sizes. We have editions built to fit the requirements of recruiting firms at all stages of growth.

Learn more or contact a sales representative who will take the time to understand your specific needs and identify which edition will work best for you.

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Using Bullhorn is a no-brainer for a staffing agency. Powerful, intuitive searching coupled with state of the art client/candidate management make it the best tool in the industry!
Rolf Kramer Kranect

The Bullhorn Marketplace

Turnkey solutions for every element of the recruitment lifecycle

The Bullhorn Marketplace – the largest in the industry – is a one-stop destination for business applications that integrate seamlessly with Bullhorn and help you manage all elements of your recruitment lifecycle.

Each partner has developed a turnkey solution to fulfill a critical business need, such as creating targeted email campaigns, posting to job boards, or executing background checks.

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How Businesses Run Better with Bullhorn

Harvey Nash
Specialist Recruitment Consultancy Partners with Bullhorn to Enable Unrestricted Growth
All Medical Personnel
Leading Healthcare Recruiting Firm Chooses Bullhorn Staffing Software to Supercharge Its Processes with Lightning-Fast Speed
Beacham Group
Rapidly Growing Australian Recruitment Agency Builds Its Business with Bullhorn
Bullhorn S Release Translates into Faster Placements and More Profitable Client Relationships

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Bullhorn’s powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system lets you manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface – from a desktop or mobile device, on any Internet browser, on a Mac or PC. From job submission to candidate placement, the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System eliminates wasted time on manual data entry, streamlining the end-to-end recruiting process and enabling your team to move faster and work smarter. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system empowers recruiting professionals to:

  •         Automatically track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
  •         Integrate sales and recruiting activity to help close jobs faster.
  •         Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruiter activity.
  •         Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members.

Bullhorn provides the most comprehensive applicant tracking system for managing recruiters' workflow, allowing recruiting teams to be extremely agile and move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.

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