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5 Telltale Signs Your Customers Are About to Leave

Getting dumped by your customer can be devastating, especially when it’s one that’s been with you since the beginning or one of your biggest advocates. But if we’re honest with ourselves, customers don’t just decide to leave. There were likely plenty of telltale signs indicating your customer was less than thrilled or on the market…

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4 Ways Customer Churn Negatively Impacts Your Business

By on September 23, 2016
impact of customer churn

Business leaders know it’s much easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. But that doesn’t mean keeping an existing customer is easy. Companies that don’t invest in maintaining strong customer relationships risk high churn rates, and high churn rates can jeopardize your company’s future. Here are four ways customer churn…

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Account-Based…Everything: Using the Principles of ABM to Strengthen Customer Relationships and Reduce Churn

By on September 22, 2016
account-based everything

Account-based Marketing (ABM) has changed the way marketers think. But the applications of ABM shouldn’t be limited to marketing. By viewing client relationships through the lens of account-based everything (ABE), you can strengthen customer relationships and improve retention. What is ABM? ABM posits that the role of marketing is to create demand for products and…

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Staffing Industry Trends: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

By on September 16, 2016
Half Empty or Half Full?

A pessimist and an optimist—both in the staffing industry— walk into a bar. The optimist says, “The sky’s the limit. Revenue continues to grow and repeat client business is booming.” The pessimist says, “The sky is falling. Annual placement growth is in decline, and the staffing industry has reached its peak.”   So, who’s right? Both…

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Common Customer Onboarding Fails and How to Avoid Them

By on September 15, 2016
Common customer onboarding fails

The signs are often clear: Your new customer purchases your product but never dives into active usage. Or, there’s a big splash in the beginning but then a new client’s product usage drops off sharply. Maybe there are some complaints or negative comments via phone or email. They don’t return your calls or emails as…

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Why Flexing the “Customer’s Always Right” Muscle Isn’t Necessarily Good for Your Business

By on September 7, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that if you’re the customer, you’re always right. Right? Right. You may recall yourself thinking, “We’re paying you, and that translates into you need to do everything I ask for.” You may have felt happy when you heard your vendor tell you, ”No problem, anything you’d like!” This mindset is indeed a…

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How to Anticipate an Unhappy Customer

By on September 6, 2016
dealing with unhappy customers

It’s surprising how many companies still expect their customers will complain and let them know when they’re unhappy. In fact, 96 percent of unhappy customers don’t complain, and 91 percent will simply leave and never look back (1Financial Training Services). With so many technology and service providers chomping at the bit to get your customer’s…

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Why Your Existing Customers Are Your Best Prospects

By on September 2, 2016
customer success tools

At many organizations, the sale ends as soon as the pen hits the paper and the contract’s signed. But this type of thinking seriously inhibits your growth. Why? Because your customers are also your best prospects. The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70 percent, while selling to a new customer is a mere…

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