Gain operational efficiencies

Achieve more with your existing team with an end-to-end solution that automates recruiter tasks, sets time and bill rules based on customer requirements, automatically incorporates invoice terms and rates, gives access to our extensible partner Marketplace, and more.

Build a strong and reliable workforce

Improve worker satisfaction and retention with mobile-friendly applications, streamlined onboarding, and timely, accurate payment. Increase redeployment rates by empowering recruiters to proactively engage workers coming off assignment.

Prioritize your best jobs and customers

Leverage real-time financial data including jobs by best total margin, placements, fill rates, and more to improve cash flow and maximize profitability. Keep your sales team informed so they can focus on the right relationships and give your back office team insight into how to prioritize customer invoices based on their terms.

The trusted partner in clerical & light industrial staffing

One third of the largest and fastest growing US industrial staffing firms use Bullhorn. Partner with Bullhorn to confidently navigate change management, future-proof your business, and leverage industry best practices.

GRID Talent Report: Light Industrial Spotlight

What does it take to produce a loyal, engaged clerical/light industrial talent community? We surveyed 300+ workers to find out.

Automate recruiter busywork

Save recruiters time and deliver incredible worker experiences. Automatically set tasks for your team to action, such as getting in touch with a worker when their job is about to finish, or reaching out to someone who interacted with a job posting online. Auto update key worker status fields when their job finishes.

Streamline worker intake and onboarding

Efficiently scale your business and speed up time-to-revenue by eliminating manual paperwork, minimizing duplicate efforts, ensuring compliance, and drastically improving on-time starts. Automatically sync worker onboarding data, such as deductions and taxes, into your payroll system to minimize manual tracking and calculations.

Leverage dashboards & business insights

Measure recruiting and sales activities to provide insights necessary for managers to coach their staff and improve their results. Make executive-level business decisions with a holistic view into gross margin data and other business KPIs.

Unify time capture, collection, and interpretation

Decrease time and effort to collect accurate time from workers through various time collection methods including paper time, physical clocks, mobile punch, web timesheets, VMS, and more – all on a single, unified platform. Create and modify time and pay rules based on customer requirements and automatically apply those to each new job and placement. Meet client needs and increase internal efficiency.

Simplify your payroll process

Keep your workforce happy and pay them on time by running custom payroll cadences. Automatically sync worker onboarding data, such as deductions and taxes, into your payroll system to minimize manual tracking and calculations. We’ve partnered with leading payroll providers to offer seamless integrations and the flexibility to meet the unique payroll needs of clerical & light industrial staffing.

Automate invoicing and get paid faster

Decrease errors, streamline data collection, and get paid faster by automatically incorporating invoice terms, rates, discounts, surcharges, sales taxes, and other customer-specific information.

Bullhorn One allows us to eliminate all of the manual work that is happening outside of the system, all of this data entry that means nothing and isn’t trackable, [and] bring it into one place.
Jared Mogan Vice President Talent Services, MAU Workforce Solutions

Driving the future of clerical & light industrial staffing

How The Resource improved their team’s efficiency through Bullhorn Automation

While the light industrial industry can be very fast paced, the Resource has used Bullhorn Automation to be an efficient team.

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When we started using Bullhorn in 2019, we were able to customize the system to our needs. We became about 40%-50% more efficient off the bat!
Christopher Wakefield, VP, The Resource Company
Christopher Wakefield Vice President of Support Services, The Resource Company
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