K2 University: Die digitale Qualifikationslücke durch Umschulung schließen

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The shortage of skilled workers is preventing the growth prospects of companies and the economy as a whole, and nowhere is this more true than in the technology sector. But the problem is not limited to high-tech companies. As Jake Schwartz , co-founder and CEO of the General Assembly , says: „All companies become technology companies“.

Numerous studies have been published that show the gap between digital skills and their impact on productivity and competitiveness. The IT job Eurostat statistics illustrates the problem in Europe and shows that despite an increase in the number of IT specialists in the market has half of all companies in Europe difficulty winning technical talents. In the meantime, EY has found that 48% of companies do not have the necessary skills in the areas of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Digitally mature companies are more successful and benefit from higher productivity (76%) compared to the laggards (65%) and lower employee turnover (59%) compared to the laggards (74%).

At K2 we understand that finding and recruiting the best possible IT talent is much more than just „headhunting and recruiting“. That’s why we founded K2 University to develop talented people with the most sought-after skills.

K2 University offers a comprehensive selection of mixed curricula for the face-to-face course and online courses to train professionals and graduates in the business technologies of tomorrow. K2 is uniquely positioned to offer a full service from market-intelligent career advice to training and certification to internships.

In two of the areas that K2 specializes in, SAP and Salesforce, we run a series of programs that provide applicants with the skills that employers require, and companies with the talent they need to digitally transform to advance. We have built a win-win ecosystem where everyone can reap the benefits.

For recruiters, this means an increased discussion with the customer, not only about the current requirements of the customer, but also about the strategic planning for future personnel needs through the right mix of retraining and recruitment. The ability to support talent development also creates the foundation for long-term relationships between recruiters and candidates, where the recruiter works with the candidate throughout his career.

K2 University: The business technology market is changing rapidly and learning the latest skills and technologies and obtaining the certifications that employers demand has never been so important. K2 University has 20 years of experience in enterprise technology and offers accredited training for professionals and graduates.

To learn more about retraining and what steps your agency can take to address talent shortages in your market, visit the Recruitment & Retraining Hub! 

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