By combining best practices with a technology platform powered by automation and AI, your team can take their business development to the next level and find success, regardless of market conditions.


Winning new business with Bullhorn

Optimize your performance at every stage of the business development process with the Bullhorn platform.

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Lay the foundation

Success is built on strong foundations. Take your time, identify the most profitable clients, and focus on prospects that turn into long-term repeatable business.

  • Bullhorn ATS/CRM Leads: Track data about your leads and prospects, like competitive analysis, and easily segment clients you’ve worked with before.
  • SourceBreaker by Bullhorn: Use AI-powered job order searching to uncover more opportunities that match your target clients.
  • Bullhorn Automation: Use surveys to understand more about your clients, guide future target lists, and improve database quality.
  • Bullhorn Analytics: Understand current business strengths, best-performing clients, and any gaps in opportunities.

By operating smarter with an AI powered platform, you’ll be the first to new job orders, develop sales execution that consistently delivers new clients, and prepare your firm to win regardless of the market conditions.

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