5 Benefits of Having a True Cloud Recruitment System

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Moving to the cloud can be a daunting thought until you realise how easy and how effective it can be to your day to day running of your business. Don’t just take my word for it – Spencer Ogden signed with Bullhorn with 10 users, three years later and they have renewed with 340 users. They’ve been able to do this without ever having to invest in IT resources or painful upgrades.

There are five main benefits of investing in a true cloud recruitment system:


Speed is important in two ways:

Speed of growth: This is one of the fundamental reasons for running a true cloud solution – how long would it take to set up an office in another country if you are on a server-based solution? How much money is that going to cost? How many IT personnel are you going to have to employ to maintain your internal technology infrastructure? With a true cloud system, you can enable users as and when you need to – a new office now only means an employee, a laptop and an internet connection. No installation, no hardware.

Speed for your recruiters: Through many hours of research Bullhorn have found that a true cloud system costs 46% less over seven years and has 25 times less downtime than on-premise systems. And our newest software release can cut time recruiters spend on common interruptions – such as unplanned phone calls – by half. Put it this way, if you could recover 75 minutes per day for each recruiter on time lost to interruptions, what could they do with this extra time?  That’s over 300 hours a year back to them to put towards making you more money!


True cloud means true mobility. Imagine being able to access your database anytime, anywhere. With a true cloud recruitment system, this is entirely possible. With a good provider, you will be able to securely access your database on your mobile device 24/7. With today’s sales and recruitment consultants moving into an ever-increasingly mobile era, the need for access to data and client information on the go is business-critical.

Giving recruiters access anywhere, anytime on any device means they can react quickly to client requirements and ultimately, increase the chances of bringing new revenue to the business. Check out NES’ move to the cloud with Bullhorn.


Data security is a hot topic in today’s Cloud market, with many feeling unprotected when their data is “in the Cloud”.  When evaluating solutions/technologies of any kind; whether it be client-server, hosted or “True Cloud”; the main consideration should be “how can I retrieve my data in the worst-case scenario”? Cloud solutions that are SSAE16 accredited solve this issue; the client need not worry about investment in sophisticated firewalls for security and intrusion detection.  A question for you: who is better placed to securely hold your data?  A global, professional services business with external audits on a regular basis and true disaster recovery protocols?  Or your own IT team, if you have one?


True cloud systems are attractive and cost-effective. There are no server costs, no ongoing maintenance costs and with no limitation to data storage, you can focus time and money on your business. This means lower operating costs for your business meaningless outlay and more profits.  But cost isn’t merely associated to the running of the application itself.  With client-server technologies, when considering my earlier point regarding growth, you must consider the cost attributed to new users, new offices, new business lines and ultimately your future growth potential.  With true cloud solutions, you minimise the opportunity cost of entering a new region – if it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to write off your investment in new infrastructure.


As you can you see from the points raised so far, the focus of a true cloud solution is on allowing your business the agility and flexibility you need to grow. These kinds of solutions will adapt as your business changes and choosing a good true cloud provider means you will always be on the latest version, taking advantage of the latest technological advances. No pain and no effort for you. In addition, synonymous with cloud is the ability to innovate at speed.  To you, this means future-proofing your business to what may or may not lie ahead. Having a cloud system allows you to meet your business demands with minimal effort.

You are already using true cloud products in your day to day consumer life be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your online banking. Knowing this, think about how easy it would be to use it for your recruitment processes.


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